Beware! The Internet Marketing Guru Lurking in the Shadows

Is there an internet marketing expert lying in your shadow?

If you have ever filled out an application for a free online marketing product or made a purchase, you are or will soon become a victim.

Victim of what you ask? Unscrupulous, greedy and rightly deceived so-called internet marketing experts whose sole goal is to snatch your money while offering little for nothing in return.

I am not writing this to attack the internet marketing industry or any teacher in particular. But let this be a warning. Spending money on launching the latest and greatest internet marketing product is far from making a good decision about your internet marketing career.

Yes I know. Read pre-launch and persuasive sales letter. And there is the proof, in a direct sales letter or in a video. It’s as if the sales writer knows exactly what you’re missing out on that’s stopping you from achieving success. And they give it to you. They promise it there in the sales letter.

Let me ask you this. Why would anyone claim to make thousands of dollars a day share their secrets with you? The answer is fairly clear. They are able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions by launching the product.

Technically there is nothing wrong with this. The problem comes when you are misled and think that you can have the same level of success that they claim to have when in reality it is far from reality.

A prime example of what I’m writing about here is a product launch happening as I write this. It’s called an “arbitration conspiracy report”. In this free trial launch report, the authors claim to show you how to make $50-$100k per day with Google AdWords and CPA offers.

So what’s wrong with this?

Simple, if you are a beginner internet marketer or even an intermediate, you are misled into believing that you will achieve the same or similar results. When in reality it is more than a dream.

First, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing with AdWords, you’re going to lose your shirt to a faint.

Second, CPA offers are very competitive. You will be playing against advanced marketers who already know how to take advantage of this market. Do you really think you can compete and win?

Third, the idea that there are unlimited markets and offers in the CPA industry is nonsense. If you don’t believe me, do a little research. You’ll find offers with a payout of $0.50 or more are few and far between. In fact, the majority will be much less.

Fourth, releasing this information to hundreds if not thousands of people will only lead to increased competition and higher CPCs for individual keywords. All of these ads amount to a losing proposition for you and a win-win for the authors and their seasoned friends promoting it.

This is exactly what disgusts me about internet marketing experts. They promote product launches in their email lists knowing full well that 95 to 98 percent will spend their money and receive absolutely no interest. All so that they can put more money in their pockets.

When I read internet marketers talking about how they’re recession proof, I have to smile. After all, there is a child born every day to deceive the teacher.

The universe is not random, on the contrary, it is highly ordered.

We view our world as chaotic because we cannot see the full extension and connection of all things. We don’t really understand universal laws, nor our relation to the whole. To us, all often means this body, this community, this planet at best. Astronomers and like-minded people can go beyond our world and even our sun and solar system. Scientists who study the ocean floor know that it is just a reflection of the sky and beyond.

Even our largest telescopes can’t show us everything in our known universe, so how can we see what’s unknown?

The explorers were fascinated and traveled across uncharted seas and uncharted lands for thousands of years. Each time they return, their desire quickly reaches its climax again, always looking, throughout eternity, for that unknown edge of the universe.

Rumor has it, we came from the core of the universe; I think this is correct.

So at the core of our being are all the laws of the universe. There are many interpretations of these laws, and many different lists and perceptions on the Internet and in published and restricted texts. A few years ago, I studied these lists and explanations, and made some of my own observations. What you explained looks something like this:

cosmic laws

1. Oneness: All things are connected by a spiritual and vital network of connection.

2. Correspondence: as above, even below; God is in us.

3. Polarity: everything that is dichotomous, dichotomous and paradoxical, has opposite and congruent poles

4. Vibration: everything resonates and is always in motion

5. Cause and Effect: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

6. Yin & Yang: Everything has an equal balance between masculine and feminine vibrations.

7. Acceptance and action: give and take, outputs and inputs. As inside, so without.

8. Law of Attraction: Like attracts like high vibrations attracts less vibrations.

9. Abundance: This is an eternal world that is constantly expanding.

10. Appearance: We are little fractals from the holographic universe.

With that, we can say that we are all creators of this universe and every cell in our body resonates with the frequency of all ten universal laws. We are this vibration. I admit that itB is possible that this idea is a permanent self-projection of my false self and truth; Just a reflection of the illusion 188Bet.

But I don’t think so. In fact, I prefer to believe that it is a universal truth; Yes, with a capital “T.”

Jesus’ words support this. The words of the ancient enlightened called the Ramtha reflect this as a fact. Buddha sat and pondered this fact for years. Taoists are aligned with these embodied principles of cosmic proportions. The Qur’an, Qabbalah, and Torah also speak of this hypothesis.

What we have known about technology, space and the human body less than 100 years ago is very little relative to what we know now.

It’s constantly expanding, exponentially before our eyes, so quickly the history books can’t keep up with our progress. However, we’re still exploring more, fiercely searching for more light in the dark. The unknown is growing. I think the old saying, “The more we know, the more we realize we know nothing,” applies here.

I say, let’s explore our inner terrain with enthusiasm as we explore the outer world. Let’s explore our personal shadows aggressively as we explore the dark night sky. Let’s stir up fate, create some inner chaos, experience entropy, and explore our reactions to what is hidden and unknown within us. Knowledge of the universe is here, within each of us.

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