5 reason to outsource your payroll

5 reason to outsource your payroll

By outsourcing the production of payslips to a third-party company, you often save money. You do not have to pay the salary of a payroll manager, nor the cost of his continuing education. But you also don’t have to invest in software that is often costly in customization and/or maintenance.

Do your math correctly, because by taking all these elements into account, the savings can be up to 30%.


  1. Control costs:

Using a service provider streamlines the budget spent on payroll management. The single cost replaces, in addition to the salary costs, invest in software, training, and regulatory monitoring.

Invoicing based on the number of employees in management makes it possible to forecast and vary costs according to the actual workforce.

  1. Simplicity:

By choosing payroll outsourcing, companies benefit from a work tool available at all times, which does not require software or hardware installation.

The data is hosted on secure servers and access is facilitated by an ergonomic and user-friendly interface, designed for entering payroll variables and retrieving scanned documents without the need for specific training.

  1. Reliability:

Once the variables have been entered on the payroll interface of the service provider, a pair of payroll managers produce the customer bulletins and the related documents. At any time, an expert can be contacted by email or phone for any question.

A qualified and experienced team is also responsible for legal monitoring and provides the client company with continuously updated expertise in labor law.

All this reduces the risk of errors and their consequences, as well as delays in establishing monthly payrolls and declarations to organizations.

  • Have a reliable payroll manager

Another advantage of outsourcing your payroll: you don’t have to worry about finding a competent and reliable payroll manager. Especially since depending on the region, this is a rather complicated profile to find.

Likewise, managing your payroll is not in the hands of one person. If your payroll manager gets sick or goes on vacation, there will always be someone there for you.


  • Benefit from a simple and reliable interface

Finally, outsourcing your payroll doesn’t mean you completely let go of the reins. Most providers offer easy-to-use web interfaces to monitor its management.

And the advantage is that there is no need to be an expert to enter the elements necessary for the establishment of the bulletins!



  1. Responsiveness and total dematerialization:

The calculation and editing of payslips are not the only activity incumbent on the payroll service. It is also responsible for regularly establishing social declarations to the bodies collecting charges (DUCS, DADS, DSN).

These procedures are tedious and sometimes require going back and forth with the administration to ensure that the documents are compliant. In addition, a late submission leads to heavy penalties.

By also outsourcing the reporting service, companies transfer this responsibility to their service provider. Like payroll, all declarative operations are paperless. The documents are made available on a cloud with secure access.

  1. Efficiency:

Another positive effect of payroll outsourcing is the refocusing of the Human Resources department on strategic activities.

Payroll is boring, complicated, and sometimes risky for HR. It diverts them from their core business, the management of human capital.

By outsourcing payroll, HR frees up time to devote to recruitment, interviews, and training to develop a real strategy and help the company to have the right employee in the right position at the right time and in the best possible conditions.

  • Make time for HR

In medium-sized companies, payroll management is often the responsibility of HR departments. If they can accomplish this task, it is often long, tedious, and above all, it does not correspond to their core business which is to manage the human capital of the company.

By calling on an outside company, you free them from this not always a pleasant task and give them real-time savings.

The time they can use to devote to skills management, for example, to increase your productivity.

  • Monitor legal and regulatory developments

It’s no secret that France has one of the most complicated payroll systems in the world. You only have to compare a pay slip with one of our European neighbors to realize this.

Monitoring and applying legislative and regulatory developments can quickly become a real headache and a full-time job. A job that payroll management companies also take care of. Thus, you can be sure to always apply labor law correctly and not to be caught out by your employees.

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