6 Must-Have Gadgets in Your Vape Kit for 2021

You’ve probably heard that vaping comes with numerous benefits, especially over traditional cigarette smoking. 

For starters, vaping allows you to savor all the individual flavors in e-juice. Vaping is also easier on your lungs. Plus, you have higher control over your nicotine intake.

These benefits could be the reason behind the growing number of celebrities endorsing vaping products. 

But unlike traditional cigarettes, vape devices come with various assortments. It’s essential to understand what these accessories are, as well as their functions. That’s especially true if you’re new to vaping. Armed with that knowledge, you can proceed to shop for the zong bong at cheap rates from the point of information.

This post takes a look at the six essential vape gadgets to have in your vape kit.


  • Vape Tank

A vape tank refers to the reservoir tank that holds your e-juice or other plant material in place. According to the design of most vaporizers, the vape tank fits onto the bottom end of the device. 

Vape tanks fall into two broad categories, depending on how long you can use them. The categories include disposable vape tanks (also known as single-use tanks) and reusable vape tanks (also known as refillable tanks). 

Disposable vape tanks, as the name implies, can only be used once. These tanks tend to be more affordable than their refillable counterparts. 

However, the fact that you must dispose of them after every use is bad for the environment. That’s especially considering that almost all vape tanks are made of non-biodegradable metals like titanium. An eco-friendly way to dispose of a single-use vape tank would be to donate the tank to recycling firms.

  1. Battery

The battery is simply the device that supplies your vaporizer with power. It’s probably the most overlooked vape accessory by new vapers. However, there’s hardly any vaporizer that can work without a reliable battery. 

Some vape devices are designed to use a single battery, whereas others use multiple batteries. Therefore, it would help to understand your vaporizer’s battery requirements before hitting the stores. 

Most importantly, it’s prudent to consider the capacity of a battery before purchasing it. This would require striking a balance between the battery’s milliamp hours and its discharge rate. 

While both aspects determine the quality of a vape battery, higher milliamp hours usually translate to a lower discharge rate. 


  1. Atomizer

The atomizer is technically a vaporizer’s engine room or heating chamber. It’s the part of the vape device that produces the heat which converts e-juice into vapor. 

Atomizers fall into three main categories: disposable atomizers, replaceable coil head atomizers, and rebuildable atomizers (RBA). 

Rebuildable atomizers are further divided into three main categories, including;

  • Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA) – Rebuildable atomizers that come with a tank to hold your e-juice
  • Rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA) – Rebuildable atomizers that work by dripping e-liquid into the coil
  • Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RBTA) – A combination of rebuildable tank atomizers and rebuildable drip atomizers
  1. Coil

Vape coils are usually located in the atomizer. Their role is to transfer heat from the point of generation to the wicks and down to the vape tank. 

When choosing the best vape coils, the primary focus should be on the material. 

A vape coil should be made of a metal of high reactivity series, such as stainless steel, nickel, Kanthal, and titanium. Experts generally recommend Kanthal due to its superior heat conductivity. 

Kanthal is also strong enough and won’t easily corrode even when vaping at high temperatures. Besides, it doesn’t emit the characteristic metallic flavor, which could otherwise mar the overall taste of your e-juice.


  1. Wicks

The wick is another commonly overlooked yet essential accessory to have in your vape kit. 

Wicks are designed to wrap around the vape coils. They connect the coils with the vape tank containing your e-juice. The end in contact with the vape tank absorbs e-juice and transfers it to the coils by capillary action. 

When shopping for vaporizer wicks, the main considerations are usually the number and material. Some vaporizers are designed to use a single wick, whereas others work by multiple wicks. 

As for the best wicking material, cotton is your best bet. Not only does cotton wrap around the coils effortlessly. The material is also efficient at soaking up liquid, which makes it excellent for vapor production.

  1. Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of a vaporizer is the uppermost part of the device, which you suck into to draw the heated vapor into your mouth. It’s also known as a drip tip. 

While style is usually a significant factor when buying drip tips, experts recommend placing more emphasis on material. Vaporizer drip tips can be made of several materials, including plastic, wood, rubber, ceramic, metal, and glass. 

Plastic tends to wrap while rubber could melt when vaping at relatively high temperatures. High temperatures could burn wood and expose you to toxins, while metal might get uncomfortably hot. 

That leaves glass and ceramic as the best drip tip materials. Besides being poor heat conductors, these materials are also reasonably easier to clean. 


Besides these six gadgets, your vaping experience won’t be complete without the actual vaping material. This could be in the form of e-juice, dry herbs, or wax concentrates. As a parting shot, remember to vape in moderation to avoid potential throat and lung irritation. Also, store your vape devices safely to minimize accidents, such as battery explosions.



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