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7 Skills Every Pro Designer Needs

When it comes to bidding for jobs and clients, many designers are realizing that they need to be all-rounder and develop a variety of skills to stand out from the rest. The skills often help to define a specific niche or unique design style which gives an edge to the designers so they can perform better when executing a project. 

As a designer, you’ll come across finicky customers who will expect you to cover all the design prospects in a single project. That’s true and undeniable as there are thousands of designers out there in the market who are waiting for opportunities. The client will look for another resource if he feels you are not the right choice for his business. To cater to that, you need to have enough skills in your bucket to create an everlasting impact. 

7 Skills every pro designer needs to learn

We think these 7 skills are very important for a career as a pro designer to cement his place in the design industry. 

  • Retouching and Masking:

Retouching is a key skill for graphic designers who wish to work in the advertising industry, particularly if they will be making banner ads, posters, and flyers. It refers to a tiring process of improving the image quality using a blend of some commands on platforms like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. 

On the other hand, masking is a technique that allows you to shield a confined area of an image to edit while you can alter the whole image without affecting that specific part. It is mainly used in Adobe photoshop when editing a portrait picture. 

Both of these techniques are in demand lately as most creative businesses looking for designers who can blend these skills perfectly for their projects. 

  • Illustration and Artistry:

As a pro designer, you need to have an idea of illustrations and artworks such as sketching, painting, and drawing. Although it’s not necessary to master all these skills, you should still know the bottleneck of these techniques. 

You can start learning them by trying simple things such as sketching small objects, painting abstracts on a canvas, or drawing a framework. You can even attend tutorial sessions from the internet to better understand the complexities. 

  • Print Production Skills:

Designers who want to ace their ideas from the digital screen to the real world, need to develop Print Production Skills. They should start by learning the basics about ink density and saturation, dot gain, bleed, packaging design, and die-cuts to develop a strong portfolio. Other than that, you must know the dynamics of the printing procedure for the designs in case your client wants a hardcopy print-out. 

So if you are on the lookout to work in an advertising agency, as an editor, or even as an in-house designer, this skill set is specifically for you. 

  • Typography:

Typography is a technique that uses text as a visual to express a brand statement. This skill is quite useful for graphic designers to attract the viewer’s attention and define a brand’s value and tone. 

Besides, Typography allows you to create stunning effects in the designing of logos, brand’s slogan, or animated GIFs with the finer points of typography, such as selecting, editing, and even inventing typefaces. 

  • Animation and Transition:

Animations spark movements into static images and videos that look fascinating with the help of visuals and transitions. Objects are altered to appear as moving images in the animation process and the images are sketched or painted by hand on a transparent celluloid sheet that is photographed and presented on film in traditional animation. Besides, the majority of today’s animations are created using computer-generated images (CGI) techniques. 

For designers, they must learn how to animate different images for a better user experience and of course to bring life into their work. If you are looking to take your design game to the next level, then animations would surely make a difference. 

  • Basic Web Development:

To gain a competitive edge in the design industry, you should be able to create basic websites for your clients. There are many online tools available today that allow you to create websites without complex coding. 

Yes, that’s right!

You can work on the UI/UX design by predefined templates available on different platforms that help you to create a basic beginner’s website that can make your client satisfied.  

Furthermore, if you’re looking to take your web development skills to the next level, then you should learn coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, etc. These languages will develop your skills in the web development domain and would surely help you in leaving a definite mark in the industry. 

  • Communication:

Being able to communicate effectively is the basic trait that all professionals need to catch the audience globally.  Just like that, a designer requires solid communication skills, which cannot be restricted only to visual communication. But they must be able to interact with other members of their team and clients, employers, and consumers to create a formidable relation.

Most pro designers usually socialize to develop their communication style to better understand the perspective of different types of audiences. Not only this, they usually organize seminars and training sessions that allow them to express their style in front of the masses which is a very efficient technique to create a strong public presence that helps them to fetch more clients.


That’s it!

We would stop here by saying that the ocean of learning new skills is never-ending. Keeping with the flow, the creatives are trying new techniques and tricks that can create a better design interface for people globally.

As a pro designer, you must polish your skills with time to compete with the kings of the creative world. Especially, if your expertise lies in the field of logo design services. Logo makers are the front liners when it comes to delivering top-notch work styles to the client. They are the true pro designers who know how to cater to the needs of people who wish to start a complex design project with them.

Lastly, if you’re looking for an agency that can help you get started with your logo design prospects then book a call with Infini Logo Design, they are a team of pro designers who know how to make you win big. 


Qunoot Moin is a Digital Marketing expert and a freelance SEO content writer with experience of 3+ years. She has been helping brands increase their website traffic and rank on Google's first page, and help enhance their content marketing with well-researched and engaging articles.

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