Product packaging is a powerful marketing tool that can generate more sales for your business. It is important to remember that product packaging has a big impact on consumers, and so it should be designed with the customer in mind.


Your custom boxes and packaging design also needs to stand out from other products to catch the attention of potential customers. Here are some strategies for designing an effective product package:


  • Target relevant audience
  • Outdo the competition
  • Follow trends
  • Keep it simple
  • Retain customers
  • Add value
  • Have secure shipping methods


Strategy One: Target Relevant Audience 


It is important to know who your target audience is before you start designing a package. This will determine the colors, fonts, and graphic design of your packaging. The more specific you are when planning out what type of person will buy the product off the shelves, the better chance there is for it to sell well after its release.


For example, if you’re marketing makeup specifically to people aged 14-25, one type of design may work best than another would have had they been targeting 18-40-year-olds instead.


This strategy also applies when multiple demographics or age ranges need separate packages with different features because customers want their products designed according to particular needs, that could be age, gender, or personality.


Strategy Two: Outdo the Competition 


Furthermore, it is essential to know that you have performed better than your competitors to excel in the market.


This can be done by launching new lines of products, giving discounts and promotions, or having a more convenient location.


It’s not enough to just have the same product as your competitors, but you need to offer something better than theirs for customers to choose your company instead.


You can beat your rivals in the market by doing something unique, such as launching a new product or service.


Strategy Three: Follow Trends 


Trends are always changing, so it is important to stay on top of them when coming up with packaging designs. You need to follow the trends in order to have a successful product. Customers will not buy anything that doesn’t fit in with the trends, so it is important you keep up with what’s new, or they’ll move on and forget about your company altogether.


For example, if brown is trending this year, then one way a makeup brand might adapt their design would be through coloring boxes brown or adding hints of dark shades into the design itself. This way, they could capture attention from those who follow trends even though they may prefer different brands’ makeup offerings.


Consider adds slogans/designs to catch their attention or make sure they look eye-catching with some bright colors; otherwise, people might overlook it if everything else looks boring.


Strategy Four: Keep it Simple 


It is very important that you make your packaging simple and easy to use because if the package isn’t straightforward, then people won’t buy it.


Research shows that customers often prefer simpler packages over more complicated ones for several reasons: they are easier on the eyes, less confusing, have fewer parts, and cost less to produce.


Keep it simple with clear labels on the package that are easy on the eyes and have fewer parts so customers don’t feel overwhelmed when looking at them.


Keep in mind what I mentioned before about targeting a relevant audience, so try not to use too many words when designing your boxes or labels (such as short sentences instead of paragraphs).


Make them eye-catching with creative colors, catchy slogans/designs, or an original mascot. Your products will sell themselves.


Strategy Five: Retain Customers 


With premium packaging, customers get both an exciting and memorable experience from brands. That starts with the first contact a customer has with your product. It is important that this initial impression make an impact to entice new or returning buyers.


Breaking into the market can be difficult, especially when you’re in a saturated marketplace. One way to start gaining new customers is by promoting your products through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.


If it is done correctly, this type of advertising will help get your product out there for people who might have otherwise missed hearing about it on their radar screen.


Designing packaging that corresponds perfectly with the style and theme of each specific product also helps break away from what competitors are doing.


Strategy Six: Add Value


A successful sale requires more than just a product. It also needs customer service, product quality, and delivery to be top-notch. Understanding this will help you make the perfect purchase for your customers so that they’ll come back again in the future.


It is simply a numbers game. The more steps in the chain, the higher your profit margin gets by default. For example, if you have high-quality products and well-informed salesmen to accompany them, it’s easy for customers to enjoy their purchase even before they open up that impeccable box delivered with care.


Strategy Seven: Have Secure Shipping Services


The delivery of the product is crucial. Most companies use an inexpensive and reliable mailing service, but there are other options available that provide a more personal touch free from any postage costs for customers who need their packages quickly.


There are a wide variety of ways to send packages, and parcel lockers offer an excellent alternative for individuals who want to get their package delivered fast.


Additionally, there’s also the option of using companies that specialize in the speedy delivery. They’ll bring your package either within hours or even on the same day.


In Conclusion


We can see in this article that there are many strategies to increase sales with product packaging. But you can’t just go and start changing everything like a madman or woman. You need to keep in mind what works for your company, the competition, trends, and people’s needs.


There are many ways to increase your sales with product packaging, but it is important not to forget about keeping them simple while still being creative! Design your custom printed boxes in a manner that they speak for themselves. Your products will sell themselves if they’re eye-catching enough.

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