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8 Facts That every Brand should know about Cream Boxes

The cream boxes are made out of durable and sturdy materials like Eco-friendly kraft, E-flute corrugated, recycled bux board, etc. These are the recyclable and biodegradable manufacturing materials that help in the production of sustainable packaging boxes. These boxes are manufactured by professional manufacturing, ensuring that they have a stable and balanced structure that can easily withstand harsh environmental conditions while providing effective protection to the packed items. These packages can be printed with the latest technologies like offset lithography, digital and screen printing, along with the use of special color schemes like CMYK and PMS. Through such printing, you can display beautiful prints, images, artwork, graphical illustrations, and even the information related to the packed product. Apart from this, these boxes can be covered in premium finishing coats. These coatings include matte lamination, glossy lamination, spot UV, raised ink, metallic gold or silver filing, and even embossing debossing techniques.

The cream boxes are strong and sturdy. They have enough strength to hold and carry the cream containers. Apart from this, they can be customized according to the packing item’s shape and size. Due to this, they are being used by cosmetic businesses for packaging and secured shipment purposes. Here we will discuss some of the facts of these cosmetic packaging boxes that every brand should know about.

1.    Easy Customization

The custom cream boxes, as the name, depict, allow easy and vast customization through which the business can easily modify and transform them according to their requirement. You are allowed to change the shape, size, and design of the box as per your packaging product. This aspect helps in the perfect and exact encasement of the cream inside the box and in a protected manner. Apart from this, various styles are available from which the business can easily select. If the business wants to show off its product, it can opt for the die-cut window box, allowing visibility to the packed product. So, with the help of a customization option, you can easily modify these packaging boxes according to your desire.

2.    Beautiful Printing Designs

You can display different images, personalized art, graphical illustrations, or attractive prints on these boxes through effective printing techniques. Through this option, you can make the box attractive and increase the packaged item’s value. Moreover, you can also display the product-related information and instructions on these packages. For example, on these cream packaging boxes, you can opt to display instructions like how to apply them, and on what temperature or environment they should be stored at, etc. The items packed inside these packages provide a lot of convenience and ease to the consumers. They can easily read and follow the provided information, so they are always inclined to buy such products.

3.    Durable Boxes

The cream box packaging is made out of strong and durable materials like kraft cardstock, corrugated, and recycled Bux board. The use of such high-quality and rigid materials helps in creating rigid and robust packaging boxes. They can be easily used for the packaging purposes of a heavyweight and fragile and delicate cream containers. Due to the high durability and secured packaging, these boxes have gained much popularity among cosmetics and other businesses.

4.    Printed Packages

These boxes are made out of recyclable materials so that they naturally come in brown or white shade. But if the business wants to get these packages in different shades or colors or even in multiple colors, then the printing options are available. The printing option uses special colors from the CMYK or PMS color scheme to change the shade of the boxes. Businesses acquire the printed packages to attract more audiences because the colors play a significant impact on the viewers. The right color printed packages can compel and convinces potential customers to purchase the packed item. With this, the brands can easily increase their sales and make themselves stand out.

5.    Secured Packaging

One of the many benefits that these packages provide is the secured shipment of the products. They are made out of the top-notch quality of materials, so they have enough strength to carry the product and that too in a secured way. Other than this, they are manufactured through effective technologies which ensure that they can tolerate external stress or pressure. The friction lock top closure of these boxes prevents the entry of the unwanted particles of dirt and dust and provides a safe and secured environment to the packaging product. Their well-stable structure, strong and durable nature helps them to carry the product with maximum protection.

6.    Finishing Options

There are various finishing options available that can be used to change these boxes’ texture and make them look more enticing. These include mate lamination, glossy lamination, spot UV, embossing debossing technique, raised ink, and metallic silver or gold foiling. All of these finish coatings have their specifications and specialties. From all of these options, the business can choose either one to make the packaging boxes distinctive and unique.

7.    Sustainable Packages

Due to the increased global warming, it is the ultimate need of the hour to switch towards sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. The cream packaging boxes are made out of kraft and corrugated material, non-toxic, organic, recyclable, and biodegradable. These materials help in the production of sustainable packaging boxes that cannot harm nature but helps in the protection of the environment because of their biodegradable nature. Apart from this, such boxes also help attract customers that follow a green campaign and support a sustainable environment.

8.    Cost-Effective Packing Solution

The recyclable and biodegradable materials are not only strong but also cost-effective. This means that the businesses do not have to spend a huge amount of money to get these boxes. Furthermore, if the business wants to avail of these packages in the bulk quantity, they can also purchase the boxes in the wholesale option. This way, they can easily save a massive amount while also getting more boxes. Such an option has made the lives of small business owners easier as they can easily buy the boxes even at a low budget.

The cream boxes are being used by cosmetic businesses to encase their creams in secured and protected packages. These packages can be availed in custom shapes, sizes, and designs as per the requirement, along with the custom printing and finishing options. Such options help make the alluring and alluring boxes that can help the business by attracting more customers.

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