1-Affordable stickers:

Generally, we can buy on the street, with cartoon stickers basically ray powder affordable stickers printed. Their printing price is the cheapest and the most commonly used sticker. Thousands of them are sold at around 200. In order to make the glossy powder sticker can be affixed to discordant products, it is recommended to ask the printing company to change the high-viscosity glossy powder sticker during printing, and strengthen the waterproofness of the film on the surface.

2. Luxury stickers

If the stickers are to be used on luxury brands, they will hope that the stickers will not affect the image of the brand itself, and even help enhance the image of the brand. So they will hope that there will be more processing techniques on the stickers to highlight their differences. Providing them with high-quality product stickers and making their packaging reflect the luxury of their products is the most important purpose.

You can consider using textured and paper-like materials to get a sense of luxury. In addition, the use of hot stampingembossing, and UV technology in luxury stickers will help enhance the brand’s effect.

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