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Are you planning to get a beautiful parapet platform for your new house? If yes, then you have come to the right platform. Choosing the right material in the best way possible for your living space is an essential thing you should consider.

But, unfortunately, people often fail to select the right parapet walls for their home designs which turn out to be terrible failures in the exterior looks of the house. But now, you do not have to worry anymore as the following blog is right here at your rescue.

Read on to know more about using the parapet platforms.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Design Of Parapet Walls

Most people make a common mistake in life: choosing the wrong design of parapet platform for their home. It is an essential part of the house which beautifies it and highlights the essential sophistication of the building. But you should consider a few points before choosing the right parapet walls for your home. Here you go!

  • Height:

The most important factor which you should consider before installing parapet walls on your roof is the height of the wall. Parapet platform acts as a barrier and a protective shield to your house on the roof or any other place. You would also find parapet walls on the bridges on the roads and battlefields. They act as protective shields against any attack like bullet attack pr bombarding from the opponents’ side. The height of the parapet walls should not be less than at least 3 feet.

  • Thickness:

Another important factor that you cannot skip while installing the parapet walls is the thickness of the walls. If you build your parapet walls too thin for modern looks, then you are doing nothing but leave your safety vulnerable. Nature is unpredictable, and your house can face any natural calamity at any point in time without you knowing. But suppose you leave the parapet platform thinner than 9 inches. In that case, there are possibilities of you risking your life as well as the outer design of the house.

  • Moisture Seepage:

While building parapet walls for your rooftops or any bridge, you need to be clear about the seepage issues. Otherwise, there are great chances of water seepage in mere future. The topmost layer of the parapet walls is vulnerable in the hands of nature. But there is a solution to every problem, and so is with this one. You can easily solve the seepage issues by covering the topmost part of the parapet platform with limestone, terra cotta, hard-fired clay, etc. The layering of the top parapet walls protects them from rainwater. It makes sure they do not suffer decay or seepage.

  • Venting:

When you are installing your parapet walls, you should always consider the venting lines at first. Venting in your parapet walls is the one line in your parapets that allows air passage or gas passage. If you want your parapet design to be nice enough, then use venting systems.

  • Soffit Vents:

You need always to remember the soffit vents on your parapet walls. The soffit vents are generally fitted on the edges of the parapet walls in a round shape. They are helpful when it comes to the seepage issue of rainwater on your roof. The vents help you throw away the accumulated rainwater without applying much effort.

  • Too Many Venting Holes Are Bad:

If your parapet walls have too many venting holes, then you should take care of them. You can try to cover a few up with cement or any solid material so that the bugs and other harmful insects cannot enter the roof.

Parapet Platforms

If you only require temporary access to a roof with a lower parapet, then parapet clamps are a cost-effective option. They are designed to clamp onto the roof parapet. The railing is then formed by inserting 2x4s between the clamps to form a safe, temporary barrier. Click here to find out more about temporary parapet railing brackets.

The parapet is so much more than the intersection of roof and wall. It’s also the junction where building aesthetics meets structural performance, air and moisture management, energy efficiency, construction trade sequencing, and operational maintenance.

Stay safe when working from all heights thanks to the innovative and affordable height safety solutions offered by Advanced Roof Safety. Since 2005 our fully-qualified and reputable team have gone above and beyond to ensure that working sites and environments across Melbourne’s metropolitan area and throughout Victoria are safe and compliant. Our installations comply to all with WorkSafe Compliance Codes OH & S Acts and Regulations requirements.

A comprehensive range of single section wall mounted ladders in aluminium which can be easily trimmed to size on site , supplied complete with hoop cage to upper part of the ladder and featuring a cross over bridging section where the installation has to negotiate a parapet wall. Supplied with sturdy wall mounting brackets for simple on-site assembly.

Platforms and landings are surfaces that support a person working, or resting’ or just to provide a space for materials used by the person. The definition of a landing is a flat area at the top or bottom, or between two levels. Landings can be either a section of levelled walkway or a designated platform. They can be standard or custom-made, depending on the situation. Platforms and landings can also be required in numerous scenarios for circulation and are an integral part of a roof access system.

Final Words

If you have had read the article with utmost concentration,  the above factors will surely help you in building the parapet platform. What keeps you waiting, then? Build your safe empire today!

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