As there prevails a great inclination towards doorstep food delivery services, entrepreneurs are pumped up to enter the food delivery business. While there are many third-party apps with which you can easily combine your restaurant business. Yet, there is a bag of benefits that you can carry by developing an online ordering application for your business.

On the other hand, clone app development is the focal point of entrepreneurs as they hold certain traits like less investment, ready-to-launch, and time-efficient. Here, you will get a clear-cut idea of developing the Postmates clone. First, let us take a quick look at the history of Postmates and then diverge into the workflow of developing the app.

The rest of this blog will bat around the paramount importance of developing your restaurant application. Let’s head to the core of this write-up.

All about Postmates and its eminence

Postmates is an on-demand delivery platform that is headquartered in California, America. The app was launched in the year 2011 to provide courier delivery services. Postmates resemble the business model of Uber, where the couriers or the drivers can partner with the app if they have their own vehicles. Later, Postmates made a big mover by unfolding the food delivery services. Nearly 600,000 restaurants are partnered with the app, and Postmates covers 80% of the U.S marketplace.

Though the concept employed in Postmates is an aggregator model, with a customizable clone app, you can design the app for an individual restaurant business

The functionality of Postmates

Ordering – The customers open the app, choose the restaurant and examine the menu. After confirming the food item, they will enter the number of quantities and make the payment.

Confirmation – Now, the platform will be notified of the order along with the payment details. The platform will take a portion of the payment as commission fees and directs the order to the restaurant.

Order processing – Once the order reaches out to the restaurant, the staff will indulge in preparing and packaging the orders.

Dispatch and delivery – Simultaneously, the nearest delivery person will be requested to handle the delivery. Here, the system will automatically appoint a delivery person who is located at the nearby premises of the restaurant. In case that delivery person is not available, then another delivery person will be roped in to carry out the delivery.

Value propositions employed by Postmates

The success of every business relies on the key value propositions offered to the stakeholders. The value propositions you offer will let your business have an edge over the competitors. Also, the value propositions play an important role in gaining and retaining users. 

Now, it is time to examine the value propositions of Postmates for each of its stakeholders.

  • First of all, the app charges a nominal rate for delivering the orders to the user’s location.
  • The app has partnerships with multiple retail stores. Postmates is not only about food delivery services as the app handles e-commerce orders too. So, partnerships include both restaurants and e-commerce retailers.
  • The users will receive their orders at their place within 2 hours of ordering.
  • Flexible timings for delivery drivers associated with the app.

Unearthing the steps involved in initiating your online food business

Intense research of the market

If and only if you conduct intense market research, you can know your audience and the competitors. First of all, make sure your restaurant business is deployed in an area that is in high demand for food delivery services. No one wants to launch a restaurant or a food business in an area that shows no demand.

Next, know whether the users are preferring to order from aggregator apps or restaurant apps. Suppose if users prefer ordering from aggregator apps, then examine how to overcome that. Mostly, people prefer aggregator apps, as they have a wide variety of choices in selecting the restaurants and cuisines. So, if your restaurant offers a variety of food items from different cuisines, then you have a high chance of bringing in users.

On the whole, market research is a combination of both customer and competitor analysis. Using the insights absorbed from this step, you can plan your business requirements.

Hire delivery drivers

In order to hire delivery drivers, make use of recruiting sites or create your own job poster. While creating the job poster, mention whether you will provide the vehicles for delivery or your drivers should have their own vehicles. Also, mention whether the work timings will be flexible or not. If you provide flexible working hours, then many candidates will show a willingness to work. 

Once you receive the applications, perform background checks, and employ them. The basic necessities of a delivery driver include a driving license and freedom from criminal backgrounds.

Insurance and work permits

Finally, you need to get a work permit to operate your restaurant business. Suppose if you are providing your own vehicles, you have to insure them. 

How to double the user experience of your app?

Generally, the app’s user experience will be based on the features and the overall design. We all know that an app that is easy to understand will catch the interests of the users. When it comes to features, there is a certain set of features that must be compulsorily integrated into the app. They are

  1. Social media sign-up
  2. In-app wallet
  3. Reorder
  4. Payment integration
  5. GPS-enabled navigation
  6. Real-time tracker
  7. Analytics
  8. Feedback system

Apart from these features, you can make your app lively by incorporating chatbots, games, and pre-ordering features.

Chatbots are a great tool in providing assistance to customer service. Chatbots are trained to handle the complaints or queries of customers similar to the live agents. In addition to this, chatbots are employed in handling orders. Users can just strike a conversation with the chatbots, know the menu and place the orders.

Integrating games into food delivery apps are becoming a trend. A user can enjoy the gaming experience while placing orders simultaneously.

Wrapping up, in order to personalize your restaurant application, you can develop an app like Postmates. Have a great time ahead!

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