Blister packaging:

Blister packaging has always been at the forefront of the battle for precise dosage. When taking medicines in blister packs, patients can better grasp the dosage of the medicines (daily dosage and dosage period are clearly printed on the reverse side of the package). The blister package has good airtightness and practicability for protecting medicines. According to the customized design the product is fixed in the cavity. It is covered with film material to complete the packaging process. These type of packaging are the second largest selling material all over the world.

  1. Pay more attention to child protective packaging:

Every year 3,000 children under the age of 14 are acutely poisoned due to direct contact with medicinal products. As a result, the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities pressurize the manufacturers to take measures.  Reduce poisoning incidents caused by children’s accidental ingestion of drugs. Many manufacturers are hoping for more innovations in child-resistant packaging. They are committed to developing innovative packaging with more child-resistant features.  Manufacturers make opaque materials so that children cannot see the tablets.

  1. The demand for plastic bottles is highest:

Another packaging that is growing in pharmaceutical packaging is plastic bottles.  The demand for glass bottles in the pharmaceutical industry has stagnated. The demand for plastic bottles has continued to rise.  It is now the most popular pharmaceutical packaging in the world.

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