difference between Marble and Granite?

Having good geological knowledge is the key to success in this industry. The geological composition is all that matters. Marble and granite are also stunning surfacing products that are in high demand. However, each has its own characteristics. Also, consider its weight cons and pons before selecting one or the other.  Before discussing the key differences between Both stones, we need to know these two beautiful rocks’ origins. The natural process of nature forms both rocks. Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma deep in the earth, while marble is a metamorphic rock formed from carbon’s recrystallization. Sk Stones USA provide different variety of marble and Granite. Both are porous stones with tiny capillary channels running through them.


Granite is a natural stone that is completely free of impurities. Granite was formed over millions of years by the gradual crystallization of magma (hot molten rock that has cooled) underneath the Earth’s surface. Granite is composed of feldspar and quartz, with small quantities of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals contributing to its colour. Granite’s minerals give it a wide range of colour combinations. Its variations distinguish granite; no two bits are alike. Granite is a stone with pores, despite its strength. Sealing is required regularly.


When limestone is exposed to heat and strain, a phenomenon known as metamorphism occurs. Marble is formed when vast areas of the Earth’s crust converge during metamorphism. Calcite in the limestone recrystallizes during metamorphism to form marble, which is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals.

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  • It is present in a variety of colours, while marble is usually found in black or white.
  • Granite is a siliceous stone composed mainly of feldspar, quartz, and sandstone, while marble is a calcareous stone composed mainly of calcium carbonate, travertine, limestone onyx


  • The hardness of Granite 6-7 on moh’s hardness scale, while marble has a hardness around 3-4.
  • Granite is a very hard stone, and the absorption capacity of this stone is very poor. If we pour a lubricant on the surface of this rock, it will not absorb the lubricant. On the other hand, marble is a comparatively very soft stone. The reason behind its softness is the porosity of this stone.
  • There is very little possibility that granite will have a seamless surface. marble usually has joints on its surface, and it is difficult to find a piece with a clear surface.
  • Granite is a perfect floor for heavy traffic areas because of its stiffness. You can install marble in a heavy traffic area too.


Marble and granite are both natural materials. For the untrained eye, both will look the same. Although, they have distinct physical features that you can use to tell them apart.
For instance, granite showcases a veiny look that appears as specks on the surface and differs in colour, where slabs contain various hues. Meanwhile, this veiny pattern appears larger on marble with veins that run through the slab with fairly consistent colours.
Of course, beauty and appeal are subjective. Be sure to look through numerous slabs with various patterns and hues for both marble and granite to choose one that you find most appealing.


There are more differences than similarities, which are pretty much limited to the facts that they are both hard enough and attractive enough to be stabbed, polished, and used as a decorative stone in homes and office building. What matters most is how much value you put on your countertop. It should never be about anything else except you and your home. Select the countertop surface that most appeals to you and stick with it. You can never go wrong with marble, whether for its delicate beauty or the rugged but polished exterior of granite.

Sk Stones USA offers unrivalled natural stone elegance while also providing something original. Take your time deciding on the type of surface you like. Never make a hasty decision. However, if you ever need professional assistance, you can always rely on us Selection to provide you with expert guidance. Their Selection is the premier source for all types of stone, including granite, marble, and quartz. We are a natural stone countertop manufacturer and installer with a long history in the industry. Our stone experts have a cumulative experience of more than ten years. So, if you’re looking for expert advice, look no further than Granite Selection.

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