Flexo printing accounts for a high proportion of flexible packaging printing as well as packaging printing for food, medicine, cosmetics, and toiletries.
The advantages of flexo printing technology
Flexographic printing has the advantages of a wide range of printing materials, fast printing speed, high printing durability, convenient operation, printing and post-press processing. It can form a linked production line, short production cycle and no pollution, etc. It has been regarded as one in western developed countries. Flexo printing has the following advantages:
1. Extensive use of non-toxic water-based inks:
UV ink is suitable for protecting the health of operators and protecting the environment. It shows strong advantages in the fields of food packaging and daily necessities packaging.
2. A wide range of printing media
The flexographic printing method can be widely used to print all kinds of packaging products. The thickness of the substrate can range from 0.012 mm to 0.6 mm. It can be used for printing on various media such as paper, plastic film, glass bottles, hoses, and metal cards..
3. The equipment has a strong comprehensive processing capability.
Almost all narrow-web unit type flexographic printing presses can perform printing and post-press processing. Such as front and back printing, glazing, laminating, die-cutting, cross-cutting, slitting, punching, fan folding, automatic waste discharge, etc. It is even possible to add a numbering, hot stamping or screen printing unit to the printing unit. Therefore flexographic printing is also called line printing. In the United States, flexographic printing presses have become the main production method.
4. Small production investment
Due to the relatively simple structure of flexographic printing presses, the equipment investment is lower than that of offset presses or gravure presses of the same scale, generally 30% to 40% lower.
5. Short production cycle
The use of flexo printing technology has been significantly improved. Especially the use of computer direct plate making, sleeve technology, shaft less transmission technology and UV technology has been significantly improved. The production cycle is further greatly shortened. It is more suitable for short-run printing and on-demand printing print. For more details pls visit : www.biotechpackages.com


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