The majority of the developing countries are criticized for the lack of well-functioning infrastructure.  Given the traffic congestion and lack of getting hands over day-to-day chores like availing handyman services, house-cleaning, car-washing, etc. has been a hassle. That’s when developing an app like Gojek makes sense.

However, witnessing the Gojek App fame hence it has led to the cut-throat competition in launching Gojek Clone App in the developing cities. When an app like Gojek can offer 70+ on-demand services under a single application who will want to install 10 different apps?

Gojek Clone App seems to be the perfect example of comfort, safety, and speed.

Buy Gojek Clone App – Uncovering The Benefits

  • It establishes you as a brand by offering 70+ on-demand services
  • Eases your customer’s life by offering them more than 70 services under a single application
  • Maintains and widens customer loyalty through the in-app feedback and rating feature
  • Updating the services based on the feedback received
  • Introducing new services based on your consumer’s demand
  • Generate revenues and profits through commission

Gojek Clone App  – Services Offered

Gojek Clone App comprises 3 primary services from which users can choose as per their requirements:

Taxi booking / Transport services

Under these services, the user can book taxis, bikes, or a scooter. Apart from this, you can also offer Taxi Rentals, Airport Shuttle Services, Car-pooling, etc.

The user gets to choose from multiple vehicles and confirm the ride-booking. The user can opt for in-app payments like Wallet, Credit/Debit Card, or can pay cash once the trip has ended.

On-demand Delivery Service

The user can avail of delivery services like Food, Grocery, Pharmacy, Wine/Alcohol, Flower, Parcel delivery, etc. The user can browse the service provider from the nearby locations and add the things to the cart. With the in-app payment modes, the users can seamlessly checkout and get it delivered in few minutes at the doorstep. With the option to choose Contactless delivery, it eliminates the COVID19 transmission. Features like Pickup/Take away, Face mask verifications, Safety badges, Various digital payments, etc. help boost the user base.

Service Providers

Under this section, it allows the users to hire services like hiring a pet walker, doctors, lawyers, electricians, babysitters, healthcare service providers, laundry, car repair mechanics, getting roadside assistance, house cleaning services, car-washing app, etc.

New Version Features 2021 of Gojek Clone Script Solutions

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancellation
  • Taxi fare calculations
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Store wise commission
  • Item name searching
  • 18+ age confirmation
  • Order cancellation orders for delivery drivers
  • OTP verification to start the ride/task
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • Graphical status of the ride status
  • Restaurants to upload their kitchen pictures

Offer Multiple Services To Your Users At Fingertips – Develop Gojek Clone

To offer multiple services to your users at their fingertips requires having a smooth interface that seamlessly allows them to book the service. To get the right start launching your own incredible on-demand multi-service application.

The whole Gojek App Development process is based on several factors. When you are sitting with the app development team, you need to have known about your targeted niche, a detailed business plan, how much budget it needs, and the deadline to finish. Following are the questions to ask yourself to build a multi-service app like Gojek.

  • Your target niche
  • The revenue model
  • How will your Gojek Clone App be different from your competitors
  • How much budget it will take?
  • What kind of features it will have?

In Conclusion

Now that we have learned so many things about Gojek Clone App, we have known how impactful it is to launch for your business.

To put it in layman terms, Gojek Clone App is a customizable and scalable app allowing you to create a multi-service app platform. The app can be launched in just a few days.

Hire prominent app development leaders to do your Gojek Clone . Make sure the company has the expertise at this level and offers you a white-label solution. Check their client testimonials, ratings and take up the live demo of the app to know the working mechanism of the Gojek Clone App.

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