For many years, demand for custom packaging boxes has been on the rise. Cannabis also refers to marijuana which is a psychoactive drug obtained from a plant known as cannabis. These plant leaves and buds are dry and then used mainly for medicinal or recreational purposes. Due to its wide use as a recreational drug, its use was considered illegal. But with the increasing importance of its medicinal use for patients of various illnesses, its licensed use has been permitted in many countries around the world.

This has led to increasing in production and packaging and the cannabis business has bloomed into a huge industry. Let us talk about what various types of cannabis packaging are available for the various target audiences and how we can select our own custom cannabis packaging.

Target audience

As described earlier there are two kinds of major consumers of the product for which the cannabis packaging has to be specified

Medical cannabis is mostly using. Because of its capability to limit body movements and cause a relaxed state of mind. This is used for chronic pain and to limit muscle spasms. It has some adverse side effects though, including addiction which have to keep in mind.

Recreational cannabis is a large industry, and it is using both separately and incorporate in several beverages. This use is popular due to its property of causing relaxation and numbing the senses.


Whatever the purpose of use, there are various companies where you can find a wide range of custom cannabis packaging tools to suit your requirements.

Requirements for packaging

The following requirements are to keep in mind to boost the packaging up to mark to suit the consumer.

  • The basic requirement for sales purposes is for your product to look visibly appealing to the customer. Young consumers which generally buy it for recreation want the packaging to be attractive and vibrant with trendy designs. Leafy images for instance are very popular among young consumers. This is especially important when you are going for drinks and beverages incorporated with cannabis.
  • Another important aspect while selecting custom cannabis packaging is to keep in mind the protection of the product inside. The packaging must be airtight to keep it fresh and moisture-free. Also, it must be difficult for children to open for their safety. The lids must seal properly to avoid harm to the product inside.
  • The information about the contents and their empirical concentrations are of the utmost importance. This will help consumers in the selection of desired product types.
  • The product information including its target effects and the purpose of use must be mentioned. Also, the consumer must have information about possible side effects.
  • For business purposes, the most important thing to consider is the marketing and branding of your company/product. Branding can help promote your company and let consumers trust your product.

Packaging options

There are unlimited packaging options comprising a wide range of cannabis packaging materials. You can use your desired packaging materials using the custom cannabis packaging options available in the market to introduce your product. The custom packaging can also sell separately as they are widely sought out by consumers to select their own custom style for their product, especially for recreational marijuana.

The best and most convenient option is to go for a wholesale variety of cannabis packaging materials. This is especially preferable because of the fact that it is a cheaper way to get quality packaging products. There are wholesale markets dedicate to selling the packaging products in bulk. This product specifically designs keeping in mind the standards of quality and their appeal in the market. You can get the desired number of packaging products and get great discounts from the wholesale market. The larger the number of products, the higher is the discount.

Types of packaging materials

There are various pre-pack cannabis products available in the market but here we will talk about how the consumers can find and select custom cannabis packaging that suits their requirements and taste.

Glass jars are widely used for cannabis packaging which is airtight and provides freshness and protection to the product in addition to being visibly appealing. They can showcase the color and quality of the cannabis product stored inside. These jars are made up of food-grade glass with thick walls. They are particularly suitable for cannabis concentrates since they require smaller jars. They can however use to store any type of cannabis product with full moisture protection. You can choose between your desired lid colors to make it suit your style.

Plastic bottles are also widely using for their non-breakable property. The bottles with popup caps are mostly desired by consumers. These are easy to carry, and their damage-resistant property comes in handy. You can purchase in different sizes and colors. Vibrant colors and prints can make your packaging very appealing and attractive.

Plastic bags are using increasingly for all kinds of dry edible and non-edible items. They are very convenient because of the fact that they are very flexible and easy to carry. You can choose custom colors and prints or incorporate your own logo for branding on the packet. They usually come in the form of zipper bags which are easy to seal again once opened. Also, they are airtight which ensures the freshness of the product.

CBD packaging or cannabidiol packaging is usually done in glass bottles with droppers incorporate in the lid due to the fact that it is in liquid form. This provides both protection and freshness to the CBD product.

Eco-friendly packaging is becoming increasingly popular with the increase in awareness and the growing importance of the use of sustainable more products. This kind of packaging is biodegradable which is good for the environment and looks stylish and classy at the same time. This packaging is mostly in the form of brown cardboard boxes that can protect and sustain the product. You can incorporate your desired branding on the boxes for the promotion of your company.

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