How Just Eat Clone Establish With Food Ordering System

The continuously expanding online food ordering system is perhaps one of the most successful business ventures these days. Though a simple business model yet being customizable, reliable and convenient, this portal has managed to touch every kind of audience with its user-friendliness, coupled with a fascination for delicacies which is driving this business by producing an output at par. Users can now have the whole menu of all the restaurants just at their fingertips. While restaurants generate massive revenues incessantly, gaining recognition as well as exposure, they also provide a livelihood to all those associated with the business, right from the owner to the valet assigned.

Just Eat Clone is a brilliant example in establishing a food ordering system. It is a digital ordering and reservation system for restaurants offering multiple striking rich features, meeting all the requirements of a client and is perfectly recommended for someone who is to commence his online food ordering business for the first time. Its highly scalable and rich quality script foregrounds its distinct exclusiveness and accounts for its high popularity among the clients as well as the entrepreneurs, especially the ones with a new start-up.

Peek this website for Just Eat Clone and to know how to make a great success in the online food ordering system without having to jump from one clone script to another. Just Eat clone is simply the top requested clone scripts for the perfect online nourishment requesting framework dispatch, hence, one can blindly trust and make the best use of this model. Take a moment to look at its amazing features.


just eat clone

Since most of the interactions depend on mobile phones, a good Just Eat clone script must incorporate all those features which are perfect for mobile interface. The online food ordering e-commerce model should possess the unique medium to sign up and login for User, Restaurateur and Admin. It should be responsive as a mobile application to provide maximum optimization for mobiles. Merchants must be able to manage multiple branches of different locations from a single dashboard.

The social login option must come in handy for customers to sign-in and to keep authenticity while ordering food from the app and website. Besides, the push notifications must enable the owner to circulate special discounts, promotions to customers to keep the audience engaged.

Search by Place and Menu Item

One of the most important features of this online food ordering script is the GPS tracking option which enables customers to look for the distance of the restaurant, track their order and suggest nearby restaurants to them. Likewise, GPS tracking helps the delivery person to track the address of the customers to reach them on time. Customers can enter the restaurant’s name, address, city, zip code in a website to gather the related information of the spot before ordering their food or they can directly enter the order they desire and then choose from a list of nearby restaurants.

Fully Customizable | Life Time Support

A top-notch clone script like Just Eats respects both the client’s demands and limitations. Thus, it comes with a fully customizable Language Management in Super-admin panel which helps to add more than one language like German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch etc. for your Online Food ordering system. The script also comes with advertising spaces to generate extra revenue from online advertisements. Besides, the Google Cloud Print integration option is an added bonus as it prints orders without using any printer driver.

The Just Eat clone script offers dedicated lifetime support to its users while customers can provide review and rate their experiences to the restaurant.

Easy Menu Builder with limitless products

It is a lot easier for restaurant owners to create a fascinating restaurant menu in an organized and user-friendly manner by using the Just Eat food clone ordering script. The owner can choose from an array of designs or templates where he can present a variety of products with their description, extras, portion sizes and pictures.

Adding unlimited foods to each designed category with its own price type, sizes and a list of ingredients will help attract a larger audience base due to its time-saving approach

Food Ordering Script(FOS)

This is the most important feature of a successful online food ordering and delivery system clone script like Just Eat. Several options such as Pickup, Delivery, Dine-In or Table Booking Request are readily available, prioritising the customer’s need at every moment. Further, merchants can fully customize or personalise the client’s experience by adding Delivery Fees, Restaurant location, Defining delivery areas, Add Restaurant Opening Closing, or Ordering APP to help Restaurants confirm preparation time directly from their phone.

Dine-in requests for table reservations can be sent by the customers anytime and from anywhere and the Restaurant Owners will get automatically notified through Twilio Calling integration which sends order notification with voice directly to the restaurant’s phone number. He then can use the automated dispatch system to assign orders to the delivery person. The real-time tracking keeps the client updated while the commission system ensures that business owners receive a commission on every order.

Invoice Management | Commission Management

Best Just Eat clone script is the one that not only offers smooth payment methods but also smart invoice and commission management. Just Eat commission management system is designed in a way in which total amount paid by the customer is splitted in two parts automatically:

  1. Restaurant Payment sent directly to restaurant account and
  2. Commission charges for website Owner, directed to website owner account.

Using this clone script, owner can very conveniently generate exact commission charges and service tax for every order systematically and accurately. One can customise both the management options and can even select his country currency.

GPRS Printer | Fax | SMS Integration

This simple but smart feature distinguishes Just Eat clone script as this Food Ordering Script provides GPRS or Thermal Printer Integration. This means that the orders are printed within fractions of seconds or less than a minute. Orders can even be printed through Fax & SMS services.

Integration of Security & Mode of Payment

Just Eat clone script uses every possible procedure to maintain 99.99% secure transactions. It makes use of high-security protocols and methods to prevent compromising the privacy of customers. The script is designed to safeguard the customer details, prevent hacking attacks or security bugs and ensure only authorised access.

Major Payment Gateways can be integrated like Stripe, PayPal, etc as per the requirement of the customer. Moreover, Winorder Integration, a professional cash register software, is used in this online food ordering system where delivery services and restaurants require a professional checkout to take orders, for order invoices and to save customers.

The Just Eat clone script promises to prevent unauthorized attacks such as(a) Information Disclosure & Information Leakage (b) Fingerprinting (c) Server Misconfiguration.

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