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Self-adhesive labels:

The storage time of self-adhesive labels is limited. If the storage time is too long, the adhesive will fail, and the adhesive will lose its stickiness. Unreasonable preservation methods will speed up this process.

Requirements for labelling:

Proper storage of self-adhesive labels requires reasonable temperature and humidity control, especially not subject to direct sunlight. So it should be stored after reasonable packaging. For the already printed self-adhesive labels, be careful not to press them too heavily. Too much weight will cause mutual adhesion between the labels. It is causing inconvenience for future use. Flat-sheet self-adhesive labels must be neatly arranged, so as not to curl the corners and affect the printing on the machine. If the printing factory encounters too warped self-adhesive labels, it is not recommended to use the machine. Because it is likely to damage the blanket. Keep the self-adhesive labels according to the above-mentioned method.

Storage time:

As long as the quality of the self-adhesive is satisfactory, the general storage time is more than two years. It is reasonable that the quality is worse in one year. If it is less than one year, then the quality of this self-adhesive label is too bad.  It is recommended not to use it.

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