Gathering clients is not that easy, regardless of your business stage and size. As an entrepreneur, you approach a client, promote your products and services, and then you close the deal. Once you clinch the deal, you decide not to contact your client again.

You may think that there is no need to contact your clients. However, it is crucial to stay in touch with them. This is because it is easier to get a repeat referral than to find a new client. Many of you find it hard to stay in touch with your clients, and you think it does not make sense at all, but after-sale service is also a sort of thing.

It is crucial to make your customers realise that you value them. Valuable customers can help give a significant boost to your business. This blog discusses how you can be in touch with your customers.

Offer after sale service

Once you have closed the deal, you can drop a feedback form to your clients to know about their experience. This will show them you value them, and they will stay loyal to you in the future if they need to buy any of your products and services.

This feedback form will also help you gain an insight into your service. If they have any bad experiences, you should try to sort them out. If you successfully do it, your customers will be delightful and not give any bad review.

Most of the customers do not complain when they have bad experiences and put negative reviews online. This can harm the reputation of your company if you do not nip it into the bud. This is why you are suggested that you should contact your clients after-sales. This will lower down the risk of having bad online reviews.

Be active

You may think that you do not need to send any newsletters to your current customers for some time. A rule of thumb says that you should actively send newsletters. Although you can send them promotional newsletters of new products, you can send them some informational newsletters too. Make sure that your users find your newsletters engaging.

You do not need to send them newsletters every day. Otherwise, they will lose interest in them and spam them. It is crucial to identify their previous shopping behaviour to analyse what newsletters you can send them. The ultimate goal is to push them to buy your product again. Make sure that you use CRM tools to determine each aspect of the buyer’s journey.

These tools can help you gain a better insight into your customers’ needs, and accordingly, you can send newsletters to encourage them to buy your products and services. In case you are a start-up and do not have a budget to invest in CRM tools, you can take out business loans.

Connect with clients on social media

Social networking sites are also a good way to connect with your audience. People often talk about brands and products on social media, and that is a nice place where you can get to know what your customers are talking about your products and their needs.

You can chat with them when they are online. Try to join forums where a large group of people post queries. You can answer them and then pitch them for your product or service to solve their current problems.

This will not only help you be in touch with your current customers, but this will also help you target new prospects. This is also crucial to know how they look at your product and how much they are satisfied. You can easily get a comparison between you and your competitors’ products.

Offer benefits to premium customers

You may have many customers that you would have been buying products from you for a very long time. You may not need to send them newsletters unless there is a new product or service to offer. Well, it does not mean that you will sit back.

A good entrepreneur always treats all customers very well. Since they have been in touch with you for a very long time, you should be very thankful to all of them for their patronage. This is why you can provide them with great offers and schemes that you have exclusively for your existing premium customers.

When it comes to generating profits, you often think that you should grab as many new customers as possible. However, you should also stay in touch with your current customers. It is always easy to have them buying your product and service instead of grabbing new customers.

Suppose you want to be in touch with your existing clients. In that case, you should offer an after-sale service, connect with your clients on social media, send relevant newsletters based on their past buying behavior, and provide benefits to premium customers.

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