How to Post to Instagram from Your PC: Step by Step guideline to get Followers

The impact this app has had on social networks and digital markets has made it one of the favorites for users to create personal and business accounts. Knowing how to send a photo to Instagram from a PC or how to send a video to Instagram from a PC, the first thing to remember is that before uploading any photo or video, you will have to submit it to suit depending on platform conditions and followers. For example, if you want to upload an image, it must be in square form, a ratio of 1: 1. If, on the other hand, you want to publish a video, it must be in mp4 format and not more than 1 minute in feed or 60 minutes IGTV.

Send photos from PC

Next, we will introduce you step by step; recommended guidelines you can implement upload an image to Instagram from your PC successfully.

Sign in to the app

The first step in this process is to access the platform from your trusted browser and sign in with your Instagram account.

Access the web developer

Press the right mouse button of your mouse or mouse and select the “Check” option, which can also be done with the following combination: Ctrl + Shift + I for Windows or Command + Alt + I, if the device is a Mac. In case your browser is on Firefox, download the User-Agent Override plugin, click the Android Phone / Firefox 80 option and update the website. This will extend to the mobile view of the application.

Mobile views

On the left side of the options bar, at the top, an icon with two green boxes will appear, click on it. In the same way, as in the previous case, you can combine Ctrl + Shift + M when using a PC or Command + Shift + M on a Mac, to make the process easier. Once the mobile options are found, press F5 and you will see the plus sign (+). This is a feature that will allow you to upload your photos to Instagram and give a platform to interact with followers.

Post a picture

By selecting the plus sign (+), your PC’s photo gallery will open automatically, from which you have the option to select the image you want to upload to your profile to share with Followers.

Send videos from PC

Uploading videos by Instagram is another easy process. As in the previous case, it is compulsory to sign in to the platform. As mentioned earlier, you can send videos directly to your feed in less than a minute or you can choose to access IGTV to upload longer videos. Desktop is a great extension of Google Chrome, allowing you to use the Internet browser as a smartphone. With this extension uploading, the short video is an easy task.

Post content using Facebook

If you are one of those who are wondering How to Post to PC from PC Using Facebook, it is important to remember that for this function to be enabled, you must enable the connection of these social networks. To do this, you will enter your Instagram account settings and select the “Account” option. Later, you will click the second option, “Connected accounts”. When you install this option, a list of different programs will be displayed that you can link to Instagram, select Facebook and that’s it. Every time you publish a photo or video, you will have a button that will allow or disable sharing these items on Facebook, depending on your preferences. For this to happen automatically, you must prepare in advance. To help you connect with these social networks, enter the Instagram link and you can do so without any problems.


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