How tuck end auto bottom boxes can be the best choice

If you are a vendor and you are looking for a good-looking and safe choice for the packaging of your product, that ensures the safe keeping of your product while transport and on the store, shelves think no further. The tuck end auto bottom packaging is the best choice for you for so many reasons.

What are tuck end auto bottom boxes?

This type of box packaging consists of a box that has a top end with a lid that can be tucked inward to form a secure cover over the box, and a bottom also known as an auto bottom because of its ability to be folded into a fixed flat shaped bottom. This bottom is later glued together for further safety.

These boxes are cut out by the latest technology and come as flat paper or cardboard material that can be folded into a specific shape to form the tuck end auto bottom also known as tuck top sealed bottom box with a baseboard with collapse folds. They are formed such that they can be easily folded into shape by machine or hand.

Material used

Various types and strengths of paper-based material can be used to make tuck end auto bottom boxes depending on the weight of the product you need to package in them. Custom paper box manufacturers usually use the following options for making these boxes.

  • Kraft paper is a great option and is being increasingly used for its sustainability. Since Kraft paper is made from natural origins, it is a more eco-friendly option. The downside however is that the coloring does not appear very nicely if you go for more light colors and patterns. Black is a good option for its printing because the brown woody color does not make it look dull.
  • Another option that manufacturers can use for making tuck end auto bottom box packaging is cardboard material. It consists of various layers of paper laminated together to form a thick sheet of strong packaging material that can be then shaped and folded to form this type of packaging.
  • Lastly, manufacturers often opt for another material known as cardstock material. This is a much thinner material and also a very flexible option for making tuck top auto bottom packaging. It is also very convenient for coloring and printing desired prints and styles.

Process of manufacture

These tuck end auto bottom boxes are made out of flat sheets of paper cut out into a specific foldable shape that can be made into a box easily even by hand. This cutting is done with precision to make the finest boxes that fit perfectly so that there is no risk of the product getting damaged or broken.

The process with which they are made into the perfect shape is known as die-cutting. In this technique, a die or a machine with sharp razors is used to cut out the selected material into shape. They are then shipped to vendors as flat sheets or straight tuck end boxes of cardstock or cardboard that are then folded into their characteristic shape.

If they are sold as pre-arranged boxes, the bottom is formed into a baseboard with collapsed folds which are then glued together to fix the bottom into place.

Printing and coating of boxes

Printing patterns are carefully selected by vendors according to the requirement and type of their product. With the increase in sales graphs for tuck top box packaging for all kinds of materials, visually attractive and beguiling designs must be selected that are hard to be ignored by the buyers when they see them on market shelves.

With the selection of vibrant and trendy colors, it is a great option to go for a glossy finish coating. It gives a more shiny and eye-catching look to the box especially with more vivid colors like neons.

Matte finish coating is another technique that is becoming highly popular among more expensive products to give them a classy and sleek look. It dulls the color a little but gives a smooth finish to the tuck end auto bottom box packaging.

Another latest technique is known as spot UV method in which varying level of contrast and shine is used to make a print or a text prominent on a matte base. This technique is being used more and more on printing of all kinds of packaging products because of its unique elegant look.

Branding on boxes

Printing a pattern or design with a different color scheme that represents the look of your company products is chosen with some added touches to make the company name prominent. It is always better to have your tuck end auto bottom boxes incorporated with your exclusive logo for developing loyalty among customers regarding your brand. Branding or using a logo on your tuck end auto bottom boxes to promote the company can be done with raised ink, embossing, and debossing techniques.

Wholesale tuck end auto bottom boxes

To get exclusive discounts and quality products from the suppliers, it is always better to get your product in bulk from the wholesale market. This will help you save money for your business and get a hold of discounts and savings. The custom paper box manufacturers make the boxes with the latest techniques to give out the best product amidst the growing competition in the market. Also, the formation of the tuck end auto bottom boxes into flat sheets makes it much easier for transportation when they are ordered in bulk. Large amounts of tuck end auto bottom boxes can be fit into comparatively smaller packages.

Why tuck end auto bottom boxes?

The tuck end auto bottom boxes aside from being nature friendly like all other plant-based paper boxes are so much convenient to use because of their ability to be stored as flat sheets. This saves a lot of space for the vendors. Also, they are ideal for packaging if your product is delicate and fragile. Auto bottom boxes are used for a variety of activities but mostly used for food packaging, the custom box makers provide these boxes at competitive prices.


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