If you are looking for a new way to reach your customers and increase your sales, you should look into mobile marketing. This is a new and innovative way to reach customers who no longer spend hours watching TV or surfing the Internet from their computers.

In today’s society, we spend more time on our phones than ever before, especially if you have a smartphone. This marketing is the wave of the future and the best way to increase profits.

Benefits of text message marketing

• Reach customers wherever they are
• Reach customers instantly
• Mobile advertising marketing is cheaper than other forms of marketing such as TV and radio ads
• More opportunity for people to receive your mobile marketing message عبر

When you use mobile marketing, you reach your customers instantly, no matter where they are. This allows you to quickly get the word out about limited-time offers and sales. You can even use SMS marketing to offer special offers for a limited time to mobile users only, as an incentive to register their mobile number with your company and read the messages.

You also know that your message has reached them through mobile marketing, as opposed to email that is only checked periodically or like radio and TV ads that may not be seen at all. This is also cheaper than TV and radio ads. It may not be cheaper than email, but email is more easily ignored than text marketing.

How to increase profits using text platforms:

• Hire a company that will send you marketing text messages and write ads or buy software and train employees to send messages
• Collect mobile information from your customers when you collect other types of information
• Get permission from your customers to text them
• Start texting sales, limited-time exclusive offers, and new products or services of interest to customers
• Watch your sales increase and profits go up with text marketing.

Mobile Marketing – What Customers Don’t Like About This Marketing Method

• Receiving marketing messages via SMS costs them money if they do not have unlimited text messages رسائل
Text message marketing interrupt the most important conversations on their phones, whether text or voice conversations

text message marketing

Just like the 1848 gold rush in California. Mobile text messaging could be the next untapped claim for companies or anyone else who needs to advertise their services in 2011.

Text/mobile marketing is a new way to advertise to your existing or potential new customers via their mobile phone(s) with a short advertising message. Here’s why you should consider this new way of advertising. More than 250 million Americans carry a cell phone. In the coming years, an estimated 10 trillion text messages will be sent and received globally. Text messages have a higher open rate compared to email.. which makes sense because 91% of cell phone users keep their phones with them all day.

If you use email marketing, radio, postcard, television, or any other type of media to promote your business or service, I assure you that these traditional methods will become obsolete in the coming years (think VHS tapes). Mobile/texting marketing will be a major force in advertising. why? Because today’s smartphones can do more than just make a phone call. If you don’t believe me, go online and check how many ‘apps’ are available to download.. it’s crazy!

Just like personal computers at home.. our cell phones have also become very personal. Take a moment while you’re reading this E-zine article and get your cell phone.. Go ahead, it’s okay.. I won’t mind. If you were like most Americans, your phone was probably 10 feet away from you… were you right? Now note how many contacts are in your address book. How many apps have you downloaded? How many text messages have you sent or received just this week? Amazing isn’t it?

Now that we know how important our cell phones are and that 250 million Americans rely on their cell phones every day, how can business owners or managers take advantage of this new texting technology? Incidentally, it is not only companies that can benefit from this new form of communication, anyone can use this powerful new medium to increase their customer base or their registration. Teams can use it to let their fans know when their next concert is and where they can see them next. Any organization can promote registration by letting people know the benefits of joining their cause. It is a more “greener” way of communication because we send our messages and/or advertisements electronically rather than using paper products to talk about our business or organization.

If this is completely new to you, this is how it works.

You have registered with a text messaging service provider. They give you a 5-digit company number and then you register your unique 1-word domain name. Just like a website domain, no two will be the same. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can use the company name if you want (if available) for example Joe’s Restaurant, your mobile marketing address can be “TEXT JOE to 55555”, and the person who sends this code will receive A text (text) message to his mobile phone about your offer. Now that the person has “picked up” your personal code, their cell number is now in your database and you can send them other offers in the future.

Let’s look at some business examples and how text marketing can help attract new and existing customers to their stores.

Restaurants .. Do you have a slow day during the week?

If you have used this new marketing platform let’s say you have a few months and let’s say you have 200 cell phone numbers in your current database you can text all 200 customers and say “Show this text message to Wait staff and get discount” Free…(absolutely) or 20% off your meal. If you text this around 3 or 4 p.m. when they’re thinking about what we should have for dinner, I’d bet you can grab a good number of Those are the people you sent the message to..don’t you think?

Retail outlets… Have you got a new product in? How will your customers know you have this “newest and greatest” product available to them.. unless they “walk in” to your store that day. But, if you send them an ad text that says “Stop on Friday for huge discounts on TV” and send that message on that Thursday before the sale, I bet you’ll see a boost in business for that sale! I could go ahead and give examples of how texting and marketing can increase business, attendance or registration, but I think you get the point.

It is a very powerful tool that anyone can use. It’s not really as high tech as building a website. If you can write, you can take control of mobile marketing. Just like in 1848…the first gold miner, will harvest the most gold.

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