The Best Free And Open Source Inventory Software For Small Business

If you’re a warehouse or operations manager,

You probably know how complicated inventory management can be. inventory software for small business While you need to record the item, part number and location of each stock item, you also need to ensure that there is enough stock to fulfil customer orders inventory software for small business.

Managing all this manually is not easy and there is a risk of error. For example, if your stock records don’t accurately reflect stock quantities, you run the risk of closing down the warehouse. And during audits, inaccurate stock records can lead to fines and penalties.

An inventory management solution simplifies the process of inventory management and eliminates human error in recording inventory. In addition, the inventory reports generated by the system also save the hassle of manual counting during audits.

However, if you’re still in doubt about whether investing in an inventory management solution is right for you, you can start with a free inventory management system. That way you can evaluate the software’s usefulness before buying the full-fledged product inventory software for small business.

To help you get started,

we’ve highlighted three of the best free inventory management software (in alphabetical order). All of these systems are included in Capterra’s shortlist, which ranks software solutions based on ratings, popularity and functionality, among other things.

– Pricing: of the modules offered by the supplier, the first two are free. You will have to pay for all additional modules.

Odoo is an open-source ERP solution that offers modules for managing various business functions, including CRM, e-commerce management, point of sale (POS), cost management, supply chain and inventory management.
Odoo’s inventory management module allows users to track delivery orders, dropshipping requests, backorders, receipts and stock transfer requests. This module supports a variety of shipping providers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL and local post offices, which simplifies the management of shipping transactions.
It also supports barcode scanning technology via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection. There’s seamless integration with other modules in the ERP ecosystem, so you don’t have to manually update inventory and financial statements when a product is sold inventory software for small business.

Odoo offers customer support via portal enquiries and telephone.

– Free subscription: includes payment management, shopping cart management, barcode scanning, customer management, etc.

– Paid plans: start at $60 per location per month and include advanced features such as stock transfer, purchase management and supplier management.

Square for Retail is a cloud-based retail management and checkout system that helps businesses manage online and offline retail operations. Key features include website builder, inventory management, order management, checkout and payment management and reporting.

Inventory management features available with Square’s free subscription include inventory tracking and counting. The free version also includes low stock alerts, which notify users when stock levels fall below a critical order quantity. This helps you to initiate stock replenishment before a stock draw affects normal operations.
Square’s customer support capabilities include phone, email, live chat, social media and a self-service knowledge base.

Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management solution that includes warehouse management, inventory management, multi-channel sales and order management.

Inventory’s free subscription supports up to two users and allows you to manage stock orders online and offline, as well as track shipments and stock activity. The free plan also supports integration with e-commerce platforms, allowing you to manage purchases made through e-commerce platforms.

offers various customer support options, including a self-service database, FAQs, forums, email and phone support.


How to choose the right inventory management software for your business?


The following approach can help you find the right free inventory management tool for your business:

– You can draw up a short list of solutions based on the number of monthly orders allowed in the free package.

– Check out the features listed in the Capterra Inventory Management Software Buyer’s Guide and select the features your business needs. Make a list of products that offer all the essential features you need.

– Decide on an annual budget for your inventory management software. Choose products that fit your budget so you can afford all the upgrades.

– To evaluate more products, check out Capterra’s inventory management software list. Use this page to make a list of inventory management solutions based on features, pricing options, deployment and number of users.

– Common questions to ask when choosing a free or open source inventory management solution.

– Choosing free software for inventory management is not a simple decision. You will have a lot of doubts when choosing the right software to invest in.

We’ve put together the most important questions you should ask your software vendor before implementing free inventory management software.

– Do upgrade plans include phone and email support? Not all technical questions can be solved with self-help support material. To resolve these issues you will need to contact technical support staff directly, and telephone and email support makes this possible.

– Will the software integrate with my company’s existing software solutions? Without integration, you will need to export data from your storage application and upload it to another application. Not only is this inconvenient, it also limits your ability to keep all systems up to date in real time.

– How often do you provide software updates? If a software vendor releases frequent feature updates, it indicates that the software vendor is focused on adding new features and fixing problems with existing features.

– Can you provide some recommendations from a current customer in my industry? Testimonials from industry peers will help you assess the usefulness of the software in your industry.

Best warehouse management software apps for 2021

Choosing the best inventory management software gives your business more than just the ability to track your products. With the right system, you can keep track of your customers and suppliers, connect your sales channels, create purchase orders and invoices, and much more. Ultimately, the right inventory management system will save you money, regardless of the upfront costs involved.
That’s why we’ve researched which inventory management system packages are best suited to different industries. No matter what type of small business you have, we want you to have access to the best inventory management software for small businesses inventory software for small business.


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