Lock-In SEO Success With These 6 Exemplary Strategies In 2021

On any given day, people around the world conduct more than 2.2 million searches just on Google. Combine it with the fact that the first five results on Google receive 67% of all clicks,and this clearly demonstrates why search engine optimization in the modern era is so significant.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most efficient and effective ways for attracting potential customers to your website. Now, it’s no secret that Google loves updating its SEO algorithm. As a matter of fact, over the course of the year, they have made upwards of 500 changes!

With multiple changes to navigate, it always becomes excessively easy to miss something. And when you afford to miss something with SEO, your content becomes invisible. However, the catch is, if you get it right, you can reap the benefits of increased traffic. This, in turn, leads to increased conversions, enhanced lead generations, and boosts sales.

In this comprehensive post, we will be sharing 10 SEO strategies that you follow and prioritize to accomplish higher search rankings in the year 2021.

The Significance of SEO Strategy In 2021

As per Safari Digital, an average of 61% of marketers strongly believes that SEO is the key to online success, which is mainly why modern businesses allocate an average of 41% of their marketing budget to it. To put it shortly, taking adequate time to outline a proper SEO strategy can help in revolutionizing not just your online traffic but your business as a whole.

Having a solid SEO strategy is crucial as it helps you stay on track in a time when COVID-19 has us doing more online shopping, streaming movies, and conducting Zoom meetings almost everyday. Instead of simply creating what you think people are looking for, your strategy helps you make sure that you are crafting content people are truly searching for.

An SEO strategy is an integral piece of the puzzle in content marketing as it is how content will come to be seen in the first place, especially in SERPs. Below we have enlisted certain steps you can take to make sure your SEO strategy only sets you up for success in 2021-

Unique Steps To Create An SEO Strategy For 2021


  • Satisfy User Search Intent

Although Google has more than 200 ranking factors, the most crucial one is being helpful to users. To put it in SEO terms, it refers to meeting the user search intent. You can meet the user intent in numerous ways. Firstly, identify what you are offering to your audience. Determine whether you are selling products, entertaining people, or disseminating news and research. Secondly, you need to determine the target audience, like what kind of people you want your site to attract. Having answered the ‘who’ and ‘why’, will help you automatically proceed to the ‘how’.

Ultimately your priority should always be able to offer your audience what they are looking for and that only comes through writing engaging and fundamentally naturalistic content. In the words of SEO assignment writers in Australia, anyone can spot a keyword that has been shoehorned in, so it is crucial to fit them in where it makes the most sense. This will allow driving keywords to elevate informative and valuable content.

  • Use Targeted Keywords In All The Right Places

Not only keywords successfully get to the heart of what visitors and Google are looking for by isolating common search terms, but SEO is also able to drive more than 1000% traffic than organic social media. This itself dominates over half of all online traffic. Thus, if keywords remain at the heart of SEO, they should form the core of everything you do, too.

Nevertheless, it is never wise to chuck them in left, right, and centre. Make use of remarkable SEO tools like Google Ads, Ahrefs, and even simple on-site search bars to determine broad search intent and your seed keywords. Then, dig deeper to search for more long-tail variants, conduct research on competitors to find keyword gaps, and remember them to incorporate in your metadata as well as anchor text for all your links. Further, fit the keywords in your content naturally so as not to interfere with your copy readability.

  • Delight Readers With Top-Notch Content

Know the key here to make use of your marketing sense and craft engaging content that proves to be incredibly valuable to your target market. It should incorporate content that answers all the questions your buyers have, offers them valuable insights, and educates them to be better at what they do. As mentioned above, do not stuff your pages to inflate the ranking of your site. If search engines catch you (mind you, they will as their bots are smart), they will penalize your site by lowering the ranking or, worst, removing it from their index. Additionally, it won’t impress your website visitors.

Who wants to go through the same words over and over again “ Are you looking for CDR report writers? Our website is the best place to order CDR report writing services”. Keep it authentic- you are writing for persons.

  • Formulate A Link-Building Plan

If your aim is to create a winning SEO strategy in 2021, you need backlinks for sure. Links are a key ranking factor. Bots/crawlers discover content by following links through to subsequent pages and judging how relevant they are to a search query. Thus, start by devising ways you can attract backlinks to your site. Do not be afraid to link to other useful pages on your site where it is essential and feels natural. Also, look for guest blogging opportunities. This way, you can link back to your website. 51% of marketers are observed to notice an impact after one to three months of implementing the link-building strategy.

  • Compress Media Before Uploading On Website

Google is simply in love with visual content, like videos, images, and infographics. While these have SEO value are integral in captivating and retaining the attention of visitors, they can compromise on the user experience.

But, you need to remember too that page speed is among the important ranking factors for search engines. So, when a video with big file size is uploaded, it makes it for the internet browser to retrieve your website which slows down the page speed. Thus, before you upload any media on your website, make sure to check the file size first. Anything above 1 MB is too big and will require compression. Keep your files within kilobytes to safeguard the site speed.

  • Measure And Track The Success

SEO can take a lot of your precious time and efforts. So, it is always recommended to keep track and measure your progress. Remember to also identify the areas of improvement. You can also monitor organic traffic with the use of a preferred web analytics tool or create your own dashboard using Google Sheets or Excel. Furthermore, make sure to track indexed pages, conversions ROI, and your rankings on SERPs so that you can recognize your success as well as evaluate your areas of opportunity.

Final Note

SEO is a discipline that only evolves to be more complicated and nuanced by the days. Hence, there is no real finish line when it comes to your SEO strategy. If you haven’t been using SEO properly till now, going back and update your content with keywords, backlinks, and better readability to get started.  Implement these tried and tested strategies that have withstood the test of time, and you will be well prepared to handle whatever 2021 throws at us.

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Karen Hamada is a Content and SEO executive at a reputed company in Australia. Professionally, she has been working as an online assignment maker for for 10+years now. When she isn’t providing assignment help services, she likes exploring different continents with her two lifelines, Susan and Jenna.


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