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On-demand Services App: The Next Big Startup Trend in 2021

On-demand Services App: The Next Big Startup Trend in 2021

If there is a business sector that is booming out in the pandemic, then it is undoubtedly the on-demand services. We must agree that the choice of people is shifting towards on-demand services. Since the major traits of on-demand services are flexibility and on-time delivery, more people are flocking towards availing themselves the on-demand services.

So, as an entrepreneur, you can take away a bunch of advantages, if you start providing on-demand services. Some of the highlighting advantages include quick reach among users and increased revenue as you will get commissions from your service providers. So, this blog is to fill you with information on the different types of on-demand services you can offer.

List of on-demand services you can shed focus on providing

On-demand food/grocery delivery

The food and grocery delivery businesses fall under the category of hot on-demand services. As the pandemic situation didn’t settle down, the only way to enjoy the restaurant food is by ordering online. Studies say that even after the pandemic comes to a close, more than 40% of people will order food online. Similarly, the grocery delivery business has also become the need of the hour as once and swipe through the app, order the required quantity of grocery and get them delivered within an hour. So, the food/grocery delivery business is also open for you to explore.

On-demand healthcare services

One of the thoughtful on-demand services is online healthcare. As the current pandemic situation has shackled all our routines, people even fear visiting hospitals for their regular check-ups. So, in order to help patients avail themselves of medical checkups without any hassles, the concept of on-demand healthcare services has been introduced.

Firstly, you must establish tie-ups with local clinics/hospitals and list the doctors on your app. Through the app, users can select the doctor based on their availability, and book the appointment. The doctors provide consultations via video calls, messages, or voice calls, based on the patients’ preferences.

On-demand salon and massage services

One of the popular on-demand services of recent times is the salon and massage services. Similar to the essential services, people show attention towards salon and spa services that can be availed at their homes. You can tie up with beauty parlors and massage therapists in and around the area of your target users. 

Once the parlor service professionals and massage therapists get registered on the app, users will be able to book appointments after checking their availability. As per the schedule, the service professionals will go to the user’s place and provide the service. 

On-demand taxi business

Over the years, the taxi businesses have advanced, and now, the majority of commuters rely on taxi services. Under the taxi business, there are categories like ride-hailing and ride-sharing. So, based on the target user’s demographics, you can extend ride-sharing services, ride-hailing, or both.

The popular features of the ready-made on-demand taxi apps include fare estimator, arrival time estimator, and ride schedule. Through the ride scheduler, users can do advance booking, which will be convenient for them. The fare estimator will show the cost of the ride based on the distance of commutation. Similarly, users can also get to know the arrival time of the driver after making the booking.

On-demand handyman services

The handyman services are already popular in the U.S., where users can avail of different services like painting, electrical works, plumbing, house maintenance, pest control, and much more. Depending on the frequency of the users opting for the handyman services, you can decide to offer this service. On the whole, similar to other on-demand services, people will definitely need the handyman services as they don’t have to run in search of a handyman in case of emergencies.

On-demand tutoring services

Students are in need of extra guidance for their academics. This can be achieved through on-demand tutoring business services. Tutors of different specializations should be registered on the app, along with the years of experience they hold. Based on this information, students can book a tutor, and the tutor will go to the student’s place and provide assistance. So, unlike the olden days, students don’t have to go in search of tutors; instead, they can search them through the app itself.

On-demand babysitting services

New moms and working moms will definitely need assistance to take care of their children. Most of the parents are finding it difficult to look after their children amid their hectic routines. Through the on-demand babysitting services, parents can book babysitters, and the babysitters will confirm their availability. After the confirmation, the babysitter will go to the user’s house, take care of the baby for the prescribed time and get the payment.

Provide a bunch of on-demand services by launching the Gojek clone

By now, you would have gained insights into the legion of popular on-demand services. If you are eager to offer a variety of on-demand services as part of your business, then the ready-made Gojek clone solution is here for you. The Gojek clone is a pre-built script that lets you develop your app by doing the customizations. The specialty of the Gojek clone is that you can offer different services like the above-mentioned services. So, through a single app, you can offer and manage the entire service. Also, grabbing the attention of users becomes easy as you provide different services under a single app.

The revenue models

Delivery charges – Charge delivery costs for dispatching the parcels to your users. 

Commission charges – The multi-services business guarantees commission charges from different sellers and service providers.

Ad fees – If you launch your multi-services app, chances are there more third-parties will flock to your app to showcase their ads.

Final thoughts

Finally, we must also know about the features to be added to your multi-services app. Some of the award-winning features to add are order tracking, fare estimator, arrival time estimator, scheduler, and different payment options. As the trend for on-demand services will be continuing, you can utilise this trend to launch your Gojek clone and offer different on-demand services.


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