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The general trend in each country depends on the educational standards prevailing in that country,Online Quran Teaching UK. This is a knowledge-based economy, and countries that fail in education will find it difficult to catch up with the developed world. In other words, the future of a country’s economy and culture, as well as its scientific and technological development, depends on the academic standards maintained by its teachers. The contribution of teachers is thus recognized as nation builders and character builders. The key figure in any education system is the Online Quran Teaching UK, who is globally recognized as the backbone of the whole system and the focal point of the whole education system. The teacher is the main agent of any educational reform at the grassroots level.


Teaching is undoubtedly considered one of the noblest professions


It offers a constant intellectual challenge, social recognition and respect and, above all, the opportunity to shape the personality of most young people. Because of this central role, teachers play a key role in influencing all aspects of their students’ personalities. They are the teachers who bring about positive behavioral change in their students by nurturing and developing their personalities. It is therefore imperative that they have the full range of skills and competencies that will enable them to be effective in human development from a national and global perspective.

As Sheikh M.A. (1998)[1] points out, the Indian Education Commission (Indian Education Commission, 1964-66) made a significant contribution to national development by placing the quality and competence of teachers as the most important determinant of the quality of education.

Nothing is more important than ensuring that the teaching profession has sufficient highly qualified personnel that they receive the best possible professional preparation and that satisfactory working conditions are created for them to perform to their full potential.


This central role requires great care and attention in the training of teachers who prepare and equip pupils to respond effectively to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Determining the effectiveness of such training requires an analysis of teacher education programmers in the social context of each country, where socio-economic, cultural and historical factors strongly influence their nature and value.

The concept of teacher education

Teacher education is a discipline and a branch of education with its own specific forms of initial and in-service training. It provides prospective and in-service teachers with the knowledge, information and pedagogical skills that enable them to reform their attitudes and behavior towards the teaching profession. The main objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge (cognitive, emotional and psychomotor) to students and to develop their character and personality. In other words, teacher education refers to policies and procedures designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills they need to perform their duties effectively in schools and classrooms. (Wikipedia, 09) [2] According to Sheikh M.A. (1998), teacher education involves the acquisition of all “knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to a teacher’s life”, which shapes teachers’ attitudes, molds their habits and develops their personalities.

The need for teacher education

Both the general education Online Quran Teaching UK and the professional training of teachers require the greatest possible care and attention, since everything they learn is transmitted to their pupils and has a wide range of implications. The processes and procedures of teacher education have now and will continue to change rapidly and positively.

New and innovative methods are constantly being added to the traditional teaching techniques already in use. Promoting and maintaining good standards of teaching and learning requires an understanding of these developments and a high level of competence. High quality teacher training in these key areas paves the way for the long-term development of the education system.

Teachers are the basic layer of future citizens and therefore need to be trained in a futuristic way in order to develop the personality of their students, not only in line with current requirements, but also in the years to come and to adapt to new trends in the global perspective. This is very important because teachers are one of the main agents of change in all communities, and they are the ones who provide services according to the needs of the future. Change is not only happening at national level but also at international level. Over time, distances are decreasing and communities are getting closer together, affecting each other’s habits.

The purpose of teacher training

The aims of teacher education are primarily

1) Initial teacher training

This type of training refers to training that takes place prior to the formal entry into the teaching profession. It is a pre-service course that takes place before entering the classroom in order to become a fully responsible teacher. It is usually offered by faculties of education in colleges and universities and teaches student teachers the knowledge and skills they need to become professional teachers. Students are formally taught the essential elements of the profession, such as the purpose of education, the history of education, educational perspectives, modern approaches to learning, assessment and evaluation of learning, and the basics of curriculum development, educational psychology, philosophy and pedagogy. It also provides first-hand experience of practical aspects of the teaching profession. It usually lasts about a year and culminates in a certificate or diploma.


2) Induction training

This informal phase begins when a student teacher moves from being a part-time, visiting student teacher to a full-time, fully responsible professional. Induction basically means that teachers receive guidance and support in the workplace during their first months of teaching or the first year of their career. In countries such as the UK, teachers are on probation during induction, formally under the guidance and supervision of a teacher supervisor and informally under the guidance of all other colleagues and principals. During this phase of training, the workload is reduced to allow time and opportunities for mentoring, reflection and development. This is the transition phase from student to full-time teacher.


3) Continuous professional development for teachers

This is the process of professional development of teachers in the workplace. It is a lifelong process of improving and honing teachers’ potential. It includes professional training such as workshops, short courses and seminars. Good schools usually organize formal training sessions, but they can also be self-paced by reading professional books, talking to colleagues, taking advantage of online courses and attending training workshops, conferences and seminars.


Over time, all institutions have started to place increasing emphasis on in-service training for teachers, and training programmers of varying lengths are regularly organized for teachers. Sometimes this is general training aimed at improving teaching methods in general, while other times it focuses on improving subject-specific teaching skills and providing teachers with innovative concepts that have recently been incorporated into existing curricula. Such in-service training is usually undertaken with a view to promotion.


Comparing the benefits of teacher training systems

Sodhi (1993)[4] notes that “comparative education is a popular educational endeavor that is considered highly beneficial in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and even India. It is considered so because education has come to be seen as an investment in the development of human resources, which is in fact the development of human capital formation. All those involved in education and training have much to learn from the policies and practices of other countries. It is clear that a country’s education system evolves according to its historical background, economic and social conditions, geographical characteristics and political system, and that no country can fully adopt the education model of another country. However, lessons can be learned and successful practices can be adopted to meet the needs of their perspective”.


With the explosion of technology and communications

Geographical distances are shrinking and people are coming closer together. The similarities created by science and technology are masking the differences created by cultural diversity. Increasing similarities show that countries around the world – which today seem like a global village – can learn a lot from each other’s experiences and progress, saving the time, effort and resources needed for “try and learn”. Learning about the successes and failures of other systems can be very enlightening and useful in understanding our own educational problems. Only through analytical comparison, especially with systems in economically and educationally developed countries, can one determine whether one’s own system is lagging behind or making progress Online Quran Tutors for Tajweed.


Although Pakistan has increased investment in education

It has not yet reached the 1960 target of universal primary education by 1980. An analysis of the education situation in Pakistan shows that Pakistan has made moderate progress since independence. At that time, not even one million pupils were enrolled in schools, whereas now more than twice as many pupils are enrolled in schools.


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