Praxis Preparation Tips – How To ACE Multiple Choice Questions


There are several types of teacher licensing exams. However, few of them can match the Praxis test in terms of the level of difficulty and the level of anxiety it causes to the examinees. This is the very reason why you should have a complete and comprehensive Praxis preparation. After all, your DREAM is at stake – why risk it!

One way to pass the exam is to understand the nature of the exam. And since the exam largely consists of multiple choice MCQ questions ,mastering these MCQs literally holds the key to success in Praxis test preparation!


Understanding MCQs


Like all other question types in the Praxis II test, MCQs have their strengths and weaknesses. And the secret to mastering multiple choice questions is how you can expertly use their weaknesses to your advantage and know exactly what to do when they become quite tricky. The best time to do this is during Praxis preparation.


As you review Praxis preparation, you will see how MCQ questions can vary from very easy to downright impossible. They are easy because they define the options for you. So, you will not be required to list or identify things, making memorization less tragic.


However, they become almost impossible to take when the choices become very similar. And in some Praxis preparation questions, it seems that no one choice is more correct than the other and vice versa.


On the other hand, no matter how examiners twist and turn questions, MCQs have a pattern. It is their weakest point and that is where you should hit it the best you can.


MCQ test preparation tips


I am telling you now that these multiple choice questions are not at all impossible to master. Even if you haven’t studied much, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to zero in on the answer as if you’ve read about it a million times before.


Multiple choice questions have a “core” or main question followed by three to five choices. Here’s what you need to do:


Read and follow the directions carefully. In your Praxis preparation, check whether the question requires one or more correct choices and how much time you have for the entire test.

Go through the entire test quickly. Find questions that are easy and answer them first.

By the second reading, you can already answer the more difficult questions.

Finally, if you still have time, review both the questions and your answers – it is very possible that you misunderstood the questions on the first reading.

Answering difficult MCQs while preparing for the Praxis exam


When you encounter difficult questions, the following tips will be very useful, especially when preparing for the Praxis test.


Eliminate options that are incorrect.

Give less attention to options that contain the words ABSOLUTE, such as all , always, or not. These are almost always the wrong option.

If you know that two or more options are correct, all of the above options are very likely.

If numerical answers are required, consider numbers in the middle range and cross out the highest and lowest options.

Check for options that are complete opposites of each other. There is a high probability that one of them is the correct answer.

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