The 6 Best Infographic Tools for Non-Designers

The 6 Best Infographic Tools for Non-Designers

Take this fact, for starters: the term “infographic” receives searched on-line over 60,000 instances according to month. Eye-monitoring research have proven that humans spend extra time searching at meaningful, information-pushed visuals (hello, infographics) than clearly those who appearance pretty.

It’s a no brainer that infographics are excellent to your advertising. They talk complicated thoughts quicker than undeniable text, and they’re some distance extra shareable on social media. You can use them as standalone assets, or as a part of a bigger article or manual to your content material advertising campaign.

Then there’s the hitch: you’re now no longer a designer. And in case your finances is restrained or you’re a solopreneur, the undertaking of setting collectively a compelling, branded infographic can also additionally appear manner past your consolation zone.

Fortunately, you don’t ought to recognize the distinction among CMYK and RGB to create a terrific infographic – you best want the proper tool.


#1: PhotoADKing

PhotoADKing is graphic design software for all media with the best graphic design tools for marketing, advertising and printing services. 10,000+ Amazing Small Business Marketing Ideas & Designs. Graphic PhotoADKing also provides social media templates like Instagram and Instagram Post Template, Post Builder, Instagram Post Creator, and other social media templates with easy-to-use features for everyone. Create stunning graphic design for your business. Everything from Social Media Marketing, Printing Services and Video Creation. It can help you save a great deal of money in the future. That is why it stands out for being the most effective tool.


PhotoADKing’s visual online editor has a variety of colours, icons, photos and fonts and other design elements that make your design attractive.



What We Love: Create your own infographics with PhotoAD King’s free infographic generator.


#2: Piktochart

Piktochart is a multifaceted design tool dedicated to infographics, presentations, and printable content. There are several free infographic templates available, and hundreds more are available for paid plans. If you’re reading this post, chances are you most probably consume, create, or edit video content. And that’s great news! Why? Because if there was one marketing winner last year, it was video.

Before 2020, everyone talked about how important video content was for brand awareness, audience engagement, and sales. Then 2020 came along and pushed us to create more videos and not only talk about them or treat them as a necessary evil.

In Piktochart, for example, we created double the amount of video content than the year prior (and we keep producing more). We started to wonder if video use and creation changed for other companies as well and how it impacted their business.

That’s why we surveyed over 300 business professionals from different industries and asked those questions about their video use and creation. Here’s the summary of the video marketing statistics we got.




What we love: I love Piktochart’s various infographic templates and easy-to-use interface.


#3: Canva

Canva has taken the world of content creation by storm with thousands of free templates, graphics, photos, and illustrations. Start your infographic with one of the many templates provided or drag and drop design elements onto your custom-sized layout. Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use. This application provides you all possible kinds of features so that you can create a captivating product for your business, that will help you to gain more audiences.



Favorite Things: I love the various templates provided by Canva and the helpful design tutorials.


#4: Venngage

Venngage offers a variety of infographic templates categorized by information, comparisons, lists, guides, nonprofits, and timelines. Once you find the template that suits you, you can preview it or start customizing it right away. This have distinctive templates suitable and relevant for all categories including cooking, fashion, beauty, etc. helps in creating desire templates by allowing user to choose from our thousands of customised templates.


What We Love: When you first sign up, Vengage guides you through a series of prompts to help you narrow down the design style that works best for your organization, navigate the interface, and select design elements. I don’t know where to start.




#5: Visme

In addition to providing tools for other design elements, Visme has a powerful infographic design interface. It significantly simplifies infographic design by providing ready-made blocks or sections that can be combined together (text blocks, statistics blocks, text and graphics together, etc.) Create visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice. It is very useful for creating an instant, intriguing and breath taking photos or templates with all kinds of relevancy with the products or brands and even for social media.




What We Love: Visme not only provides infographic templates, but also uses stylized blocks that can be dragged and dropped into the infographic, causing many people headaches when working.


#6: Snappa

Snappa offers a number of infographic templates to help you get started with a free plan, with interface elements that look a lot like more complex design programs. Personalize the design. It can also be a more useful option for anyone learning vision and hearing, as it begins with a how-to video. Equivalent online design tool. You can easily make or create infographics online with all features access for. Leading you in making a designer which in turn you will realise by using it and how it will help you in growing your business.



What we like: I like the customization options available in Snappa and it’s cheaper than comparable online design tools.


#7: Infogram

Infogram has multiple modern infographic templates to choose from, with the ability to sort templates by color. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can add different elements ranging from standards like text and photos to more complex ones like video and audio. Particularly the feature of adding multiple things simultaneously is the best part of this application. The resulting creation of template or Infographic will guarantee you for having more creativity in your industry.

What we like: Though the interface is a little more open-ended that some of the others, this tool integrates with several third-party programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Analytics.



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