The best way to get more people to comment on your Instagram posts

When Instagram updates its algorithm, find a strategy that works for you and update it. Your strategy is to bring in more Instagram followers, increase your creativity and improve your feedback section. Simply put, the more you connect to a position, the more Instagram recognizes and promotes you.

Explain the new algorithm

Ever since it moved from the well-known and highly popular chronological code, the Instagram algorithm has raised many questions and concerns among influencers and users.

  • Instagram shows what people think they like the most. The more Instagram thinks the user is interacting with your post, the more it will appear in their feed. When you post regularly, your content is more likely to be relevant. The level of user connectivity tells Instagram that people are interested in what you have to offer. It sends positive signals to the algorithm, enhances your visibility and gives more opportunities for interaction.
  • Instagram likes timeliness. It is looking for the latest, most interesting post to show to users. You can hack this by looking at your intellect. Find the best time to post, citing audience participation and more active times. If you post when many of your followers are online, you give yourself a fighting opportunity to interact with your content.
  • Instagram gives preference to users who have more screen time. As a social media platform that operates on visibility, Instagram will want to increase your attendance if your notes require users to spend more time on the platform.

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Instagram comments are the most important form of connection when it comes to the new algorithm. The comment section is about how to connect with your followers and get them to promote your products. Interactivity is very important in building a relationship with your followers and wins their trust.

That Instagram comments section is one of the most valuable platforms you can use to connect and interact with your audience. In addition, it also serves as a visual commentary as proof that you has real Instagram followers. As the new algorithm becomes stronger, simply publishing every day is not enough to be relevant in the social sphere. If engagement means following you, you should adopt a few new habits when posting in your blog. Here are some tips you can use to navigate the new algorithm and stay relevant when getting new followers.

Before diving into strategies to attract more ideas, let’s take a look at some of the first things you need to do to increase your own visibility:

  • Switch to a public account
    New users can find your content only if your profile is set publicly.
  • Enable push notifications
    These notifications will help you respond quickly to the interactions you receive from your article. Remember that you can only maintain your followers when you connect with them.
  • Heal attractive content
    People do not comment on content that they are not interested in. Keep your food tasty and fresh.
  • Develop an editorial calendar
    Choose you’re posting time wisely. Timeliness is a big factor in the new algorithm. Discover insights and audience activities before publishing.

Strategies to attract more ideas

Let’s go over the strategies that increase your ideas:

Respond to comments

Not only is responding to comments polite, but it also opens the door to more comments. The more comments you make on your post, the more the average user will stop at your post and interact with the post, even adding their own comment. Responding to comments allows for a conversation between you and the commenter. This makes you look like a person when you are engaged.

Hold a competition or offer

Giving a gift is a fun way for followers to comment on your posts. You need to promote your next post offer and ask followers to sign in and tag their friends to sign in. This will not only increase the number of comments in your article, but will also direct new users to your profile. You can decide the rules of delivery. A good way to host is to create competition among your users. Ask them to recreate a picture, or post something on their profile and tag or mention you. You are focused and this makes your followers feel connected.

Make an Instagram takeover

Acquiring Instagram is a great way to collaborate with friends and other influencers. Acquisitions introduce fresh content to your profile, attract new Instagram Followers and generate more dynamism. Especially if the guest you like already has their own fancy and active followers. An Instagram takeover is when one user accepts your meal for a pre-determined time.

Ask people to be creative in their comments

An easy way to get more ideas is to ask for more ideas. You can do this, “Comment!” Or choose to be more creative. You can share content posted on Instagram and be active enough to interact. Increase conspiracy by asking questions in your headlines. This encourages users to respond with their own ideas and opinions. ‘are you agree?’ Or ‘What do you think?’

Post something provocative, funny or surprising

Most viral internet opportunities come from content that evokes high emotions such as expectation, surprise, curiosity and uncertainty. Your followers will interact with the most intriguing and thought-provoking articles. In many cases it is something funny, surprising, unconventional or provocative. Among these viral moments were also posts that evoked feelings of joy. Make sure your notes are emotionally supportive – your followers will be forced to add their own comments about it in the comment section. These types of posts do not have to be specific to your brand. Content that can appeal to a wider audience is more likely to attract more ideas.

Top up your hashtags game

Nike hashtags are a great way to build a recognizable community with your brand. This also generates relevant Instagram comments. Using hashtags that are specific to your content will help you rank higher and allow people to find you more easily using the hashtags browser. When you use relevant hashtags, your post is more likely to appear on the search tab and allow new potential followers to find you.

Post videos

2016 saw a 40% increase in the number of people watching videos on Instagram. Post interesting videos to stop followers and immerse them in your content. Make sure your video is intriguing and emotional. Videos are more likely to get comments regarding social media content.

Use Instagram stories

When you post a story, your followers will tend to click on your image at the top of their Instagram post to satisfy their curiosity. Stories also allow you to connect directly with your followers, such as polls, quizzes, which buttons to choose, questions to ask and answers. Stories show the hashtags in the browser and browse the page. Plus, you can republish your articles on stories and tag them with an interesting question. This increases visibility and increases the likelihood of a flooded comment section of the joint article.

Tag brands, people and places

By tagging other users in your article, you attract their attention and pop up your content in new and different places. This increases the chances of finding new users and their friends. Marking places helps people in the area find you. This is especially important if you are running a local business. When you tag other brands or influencers, you may even be reposted by the tagged accounts. This will show you a new group of followers. Think first about getting engaged. As a social media personality, marketer or influencer, you need to respect your strategy according to the variations of the algorithm. Schedule your articles at prime time, use stories, tag celebrities and brands, use the location tag. Check out Instagram Analytics and your default Insight tool.


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