One of the most favorite hobbies some people had while growing up was collecting stamps and coins. Many say that some of the passion you may have as a kid still lingers on even when you grow mature and old. Likewise, the need to collect vintage and classic things that are known for their intrinsic value.

What is a Stamp?

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper mostly issued by postal services and used to cover the postage rates if a person has to send letters or parcels to someone. Postal services centuries ago were the only means to communicate with people living in different cities and towns.

The postage stamp was first introduced in England in 1840, and it was called ‘One Penny Black.’ The postal administration is still active today, but the communication is mostly replaced by telephone calls and digital applications.

Traditionally each country used to have a series of stamps that depicted its famous leaders, entertainers, and even animals. Many people still collect stamps to enhance their valuable collection of classic items, while some people may collect stamps as an investment. The person who collects a stamp is known as ‘philatelists.’

The tradition of collecting stamps became popular in the 1920s when the value of stamps was increasing. But in the 1930s, the value of stamps started to fall. But today, many people still are drawn to the history and culture of the bygone era. Many people still love to collect stamps and fill albums.

The World War 2 stamp value is estimated quite a lot, and in many auction events, many philatelists like to make an offer and get their hands on the vintage stamps. The old stamps are not just pieces of paper but represent history and culture.

Why Collecting Stamps such a Popular Hobby

When asked what makes a people collect a stamp, then a unanimous answer would be the utter joy and satisfaction of collecting stamps. Today, we live in a fast-moving world where many kids are exposed to smartphones, gaming consoles, and other exciting activities and may not develop the hobby of collecting stamps or coins.

However, there are chances that many of the kids may like this hobby if there are grandparents who like to share stories of their childhood. There are certain thrills and mysteries in searching, finding, and collecting stamps.

The biggest fun is collecting the eldest and rare stamps and then flaunting them to your family, friends, and even on social media platforms. Many people have a wish list of collecting the rarest of stamps, and they always have an urge to find them and even buy them online.

How to Get Hold of Classic Stamps

A few decades ago, the only means to collect stamps was to go to a store that sold vintage items, go to an auction sale, or get lucky to find stamps in the neighbor’s garage sale. But thanks to the digital revolution, now one can easily search online and find certain stores that offer a wide range of classic items from coins to stamps, watches, cards, toys, and comic books.

The online stores offer a wide assortment of classic items, which may include

  • Old paper money
  • Novelty items
  • Stamps
  • Coin and currencies
  • Antique bills
  • Postcards

You only need to make an online account on the store and easily select the vintage item and add it to the cart. You may have a grandparent who may have served in World War, and giving him a classic stamp or coin will bring so much joy. Your grandparent may also share with you many intriguing stories.

Valuable Tips to Keep the Stamps Safe

The stamps sold online are historical artifacts and meant for collection purposes rather than any investment. Some of the things and tips you need to keep the stamps include

  • Always keep the stamps in an album or stock book that is designed to keep stamps. Most of the stamps are made from paper and can easily get torn, bent, and soiled.
  • Use tweezers and wear gloves when handling the vintage stamps to prevent any smudges and fingerprints on the stamps
  • You can use a magnifying glass to explore the words and images designed on the stamps
  • Look online or buy stamp catalogs that have information about the classic stamps you have collected

You can easily start your stamp collection by buying a packet of stamps. Many online stores are offering a wide variety of modern and classic stamps. The best way is first to get a stamp catalog and then browse it to know which stamps you need to buy and collect.

The Reasons People Collect Stamps

Your taste and preference may change with time, but most people like to collect classic stamps depicting a particular country’s leaders, celebrities, or national animals. Some of the reasons why people like to collect stamps are

  • Simple joy and excitement

Nearly every stamp collector will say that there is a simple joy in collecting stamps. Many people want to collect every stamp that they may look at in a catalog. You can even collect vintage stamps in an album and flaunt them to your family and friends.

  • Historical value

Stamps may seem small pieces for many people, but stamp collectors view them as authentic pieces of history. Stamps symbolize art, geography, history, aviation, sports, and famous events. Rare stamps that are more than 100 years old represent an entire century.

  • Affordable as compared to other hobbies

One of the most affordable hobbies is collecting stamps. To maintain most of the hobbies these days requires money and effort but not so much when it comes to collecting stamps. Today we are exposed to so many digital things, but still, many people are finding solace through hobbies such as gardening, knitting, cooking, collecting stamps, and painting.

  • Sentimental value

Many kids tend to inherit the stamp collection of their parents or grandparents and feel an emotional attachment towards it. Whenever you may take out the stamp album, it will take you down memory lane and back into your childhood. You will remember sitting around dinner and hearing stories from your grandparents and relatives.

Author Bio:

Oliver Stevens is a passionate collector of classic and vintage items. He has made a wonderful collection of antique coins, stamps, and currency bills. He also likes to show and write about his collection on various social media platforms.


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