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The importance of education in society is indisputable. It is an education system that is responsible for promoting understanding of civilization as well as grooming professionals in a country. Different countries have different education systems, which can be somewhat quantified based on their qualitative output. Here are some of the countries with the top education systems:

  1. Finland

Finland’s education system is termed as the best in the world. Finland’s education system has been dominating headlines for a long time with many countries benchmarking in this country to improve their systems of education. One of the top reasons why Finland is a leading country in education is that it offers free education from elementary to tertiary. It is also surprising that Finland has shorter school days compared to other countries. Students only go to school 190 days per year. Remember, students don’t even attend school until they reach the age of 6 yet this system is the best in the world.

  1. Japan

Japan has also been a top education provider in the world, maintaining the second-best position for a long time. Japan’s education system is successful because of the keen understanding of learners of ages 5-14. The teacher-student ratio is also great compared to other countries.

  1. South Korea

For many years, South Korea has also maintained its strength in education. Just like Japan, South Korea also enjoys a relatively greater teacher-to-student ratio, which enhances the quality of education. A fall in test results in students graduating from high school and college is what has denied South Korea the second spot in the list of the top education systems in the world.

  1. Denmark

Denmark has been in the top 10 list of top education systems for a long time. However, it has recently improved its teacher to students ratio, which has seen it climb up to the fourth position globally.

  1. Russia

Closing in the list of the top five education systems in the world is Russia. The education system in Russian is known for preparing students for workspace. It also has a great teacher-to-student ratio, which currently stands at 1 teacher for every 9 students.

The top education systems are known to produce better graduates compared to other systems. The emergence of online studies has made it possible to access some of the best courses such as building construction related to the fire service, which top education systems in the world promote as they are hands-on.

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