Here, when we say GPU scaling, it is a technical feature, which enables you to make adjustments on the ratio aspect of a game based on your monitor’s resolution to achieve a high-quality image output. Here, a GPU is the computer processor that works specifically to create on-screen images, making playing videos and games exciting and more fun.


What the Pros and Cons of the GPU Scaling?


Imagine that you are playing your favorite video game, but you notice that the picture has been in the wrong aspect ratio. Thus, it has been stretching, thereby not giving you a quality gaming experience. It is where GPU scaling becomes essential. Still, enabling GPU scaling has lots of advantages and disadvantages like the other technical methods.




Here the GPU scaling enables the monitor’s resolution to display the video output using many scaling options. These options include stretching the key to fit the screen, preserving the aspect ratio, and put the black bars in a horizontal or vertical position. Thus, how these options make beneficial for GPU scaling to online gamers:


  1. Preserve Aspect Ratio – Here, its scaling mode enables you to keep the game’s ratio aspect even when you scale the graphics up while playing it in full-screen mode. Apart from maintaining the ratio aspect, it fills in the excess background with the black bars.
  2. Thus, center trimming is helpful when the image is smaller than the screen’s resolution. Here, you can center the screen’s image and fill in black bars around it
  3.  by choosing this scaling mode.
  4. Full Panel – The image will be stretch to fit the entire screen with this scaling mode type. Adding the photos to full panel size usually results in a poor shot and wrong graphics output since the scaling is doing from a different aspect ratio. Here, although the stretching may not be advisable if you pay attention to image quality, it remains an option for you, making it an advantage.


Hence, GPU Scaling is helpful for retro games or those old games without the correct aspect ratio.




Here, the disadvantage of GPU scaling is the visibility of a slight input lag. Here, utilizing GPU scaling needs more processing time than an “as is” image display. Hence, although the extra time it takes seems unnoticeable when playing videos, the situation is different when you’re playing games. Then, the delay can be quickly noticing, which creates a condition called an input lag. It’s the delay you can experience between the resulting on-screen action and click on the button, which interrupts the ability to act or play quickly. Here, it would help if you decided whether the effects of input lag resulting from GPU scaling are worth not more than scaling the image when it happens.


But, it may also not be suitable for benchmarking the lower-than-native resolution performance in games. Here, display scaling may prefer over GPU scaling

 under this circumstance.


Thus, GPU scaling is ideal for older games, as mentioned. But, if you are playing the new games, there’s no point in using it because it will create an input lag, affecting overall gaming performance.


How do we Enable GPU Scaling?


Here, we have to enable GPU scaling within the Radeon Settings requires certain conditions to be fulfilled; otherwise, you can’t use the option. Hence, you need to check these requirements out so that GPU scaling will be available:


  1. There must be a digital connection, which can use for the process. Thus, it may include HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), DVI (Digital Visual Interface), and the Mini DisplayPort/DisplayPort. Here, it will not enable GPU scaling without one of these digital connections.
  2. You might install the newest supported graphics driver for your graphics product.
  3. You must set your screen’s display to its native resolution, refresh the rate, and adjust the display screen brightness.




Having a higher resolution only means that the computer graphics are becoming more realistic and vivid than you’ve ever imagined. Hence, if you are a gamer who’s looking to experience fine-tuned graphics and image displays in online gaming, now, you should keep all of this information in mind, particularly the pros and cons of GPU Scaling. Now get into askcorran website, there we learn on more genres. 

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