What is the Underrated Powers of a CFO?

CFO stands for Chief Finance Officer meaning chief financial officer. Some people still misunderstand CFO as a career. However, saying so is too broad for this word, since CFO is a finance job. “Chief” means Chief, but the profession does not have a leader, so the word “Chief” in CFO states that CFO is not a profession. CFO is essentially a term for title, is an extremely important position of the business. They are also responsible to the General Director for the financial affairs of the business.

The overall task of a CFO is to perfect the financial apparatus of a company or business with jobs in financial management: Research, analysis, implementation and problem solving, risk control with financial relationships. Virtual CFO India has the ability to use financial tools, to develop financial plans to help maximize the efficiency of capital use. From there, giving warnings about dangers, helping to save costs with ineffective priced business activities through financial analysis. So through here, you understand CFO already, right?


In developed countries, a CFO is an indispensable position in every business. In order to fulfill the task of applying financial instruments to maximize the efficiency of capital in the business, CFO must focus much more on his role and responsibility. Specifically:

– CFO is a strategy advisor

CFO’s first role is as a strategist for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). CFOs in this role will strictly adhere to financial reporting standards and control other requirements. CFOs must have good coverage, the ability to report data, manage financial functions, and react to data as they solve problems. They must have an analytical mindset, along with financial acumen to come up with financial strategies that align with the organization’s long-term goals.

– CFO is a leader

This role is the direction of the company’s strategies. CFOs must assume ownership of the organization’s financial results and senior management. He also helps in Company registration in USA. Using reasonable financial model increases efficiency, service levels and is responsible for cost balance so that it is reasonable and flexible.

– CFO is a diplomat

In most cases, the CFO is the face that determines a company’s financial ability. Therefore, the role of the CFO becomes the role of the company’s sustainability to its customers, cable providers and banks. CFO will help companies, businesses be able to harmonize with partners in business strategies.

– CFO is a team leader

Last but not least is the group leadership role for other members inside and outside the financial function. They need to map out for the team the future directions to improve business performance, and also provide senior management with financial plans to help increase profits. The role of CFO is to bring together many talented groups of individuals to achieve high financial achievements for the collective.

On the other hand, CFO has the following four main roles:

– Steward: Protect and preserve the assets of the company by means of governance point of effective risk and ensure accurate kinds of books.

– Operator: Ensure effective basic financial operations.

– Strategist: Have a consistent development strategy or increase efficiency for the company’s overall development strategy in each stage.

– Catalyst: Maintain imbued financial thinking in the company when performing work as well as assessing and accepting risks in the company.


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