Our mothers are our superheroes, and they stand strong between us and all the difficulties that come our way. Our mothers are the embodiment of strength, purity and powerful will. She works hard to keep the family close and intact and makes sure that nobody feels left out. In this selfish world, our mothers go a long way to keep us safe and secure. She is a form of Goddess on earth, who makes the world a little more fun to live. There are so many things that make our mothers stand out from everyone else in our lives.

This mother’s day, remind your mom that she means the most to you and will always do. Send flowers to India, arrange a spa day, take her out for lunch and do whatever it takes to make her feel pampered and special. Spend some joyous time with her and make her feel important. But have you ever wondered why your mom is so precious to you? Let’s list down a few reasons why our mothers have the highest priority in our lives.

Our Existence:

Our existence is the gift of our mother, so it is not wrong to say that without our mom, we won’t be here in this world. The fact that she painfully carried her in her womb for nine whole months, constantly going through painful and sleepless nights, makes her even more special for us. She embodies strength in all possible ways, and for us she is and will always be the reason for our life on this earth. In Indian culture mothers are rightly called goddesses, and I think that it is the perfect comparison.

Emotional Backbone:

Ask yourself a question, “Who do you run to when you need emotional support?” I am sure most of you will mention your mothers, and why not? She is always more than willing to give us a shoulder as we cry on our poor results, failed relationships and unclear interviews. She is the one who constantly boosts our confidence, telling us that there is no mountain that we cannot cross. She is rightly our emotional backbone in all her glory and elegance. Staying by her gives us the courage to achieve everything in our lives and never question our confidence.

Sacrificing Nature:

As mentioned above, our mothers do so much for us. They sometimes leave their jobs and independence to take care of us. She doesn’t get her luxuries just to get us what we desire. She puts our luxuries, our life and our education all above her own life. That is the beauty and sacrifice of a mother for her child. We are her most prized possessions and amazing how she would cross oceans to make us happy and loves. A mother has an unaltered and selfless love towards her child that cannot be shaken by any force out there.


Wherever we are in our lives, let it be a successful job or excellent grades, it is all because of our moms. Because of all that she has done for us and all her teachings and morals, she has imparted to us. The values that mother’s share with her child go a long way and are the base of their lives as they grow and progress through this world.

Selfless Love:

It is said that the purest and the richest form of love is the love that a mother caries for her child. No love can surpass the strength of this love, and its beauty. A mother’s love is usually defined with terms such as pure, selfless, strong and unaltered. The look in her eyes as she looks at her child shows all the love in her heart for that tiny infant. And a mother’s world revolves around her child.

Biggest Supporter:

Our mothers are our biggest supporters. They support us at every step of our journey, let it be our studies, our job, our relationships and so on. She has our back at all times. With her, we never feel alone or left out.

Summing it up, our mothers never expects anything in return, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make her happy when we genuinely can. As you grow older, she sees less and less of you, but knowing that a mother’s greatest happiness is being able to spend time with her child, you should be available for her whenever she needs you. Just the act of Sending mother’s day flowers to your mom as a surprise can bring a wave of happiness to her heart. After a certain age, the responsibility shifts on your shoulders to take care of your mom, and, make sure that you repay all the love she has given to you throughout your life. 

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