What to Look For Concerning Dab Rigs in Canada?

Cannabis concentrates have different health benefits. People usually try out traditional pipes and bongs to smoke weed while being unaware of the merits of dabbing, provided by the instrument, a dab rig. In Canada, you should prefer dab rig over smoking a joint for a smooth flavour and experience. The best thing about dab rigs in Canada is that they work even with 10 to 15 percent THC concentrates, yielding higher potency. It means that smokers only need a small amount of cannabis concentrate to feel the same effect they get with a joint. If you often burn your throat smoking cannabis the traditional way, you should switch to dab rigs. 

A Dab Rig:-

It is a smoking instrument to smoke cannabis and used instead of pipes and bongs designed for cannabis flowers. In traditional bongs, it is the bowl that holds the cannabis flower while being heated. Nonetheless, dab rigs utilize glass, titanium, or ceramic nail to put your small cannabis concentrate and enjoy smoking. Typically, a dab rig has two segments mentioned below:

  • Main Body: It is typically made of glass or silicone and composed of a down-stem, tube chamber, and percolator.
  • Nail: It is the most vital component of a dab rig and accountable for heating cannabis. It is capable of handling intense heat. The most common types of the nail are Skillet Type and Banger Style.

What Should You Look for in a Dab Rig?

With various dab rigs in the market, you must find the best one to meet your dabbing needs and priorities. Here are the five features you should never ignore considering while buying a dab rig in Canada:

  • Rig Size: Monster-size bongs are very appealing when it comes to enjoying the best flavour while smoking cannabis; however, bongs are not the instruments to provide you with the best flavour with cannabis smoking. The bowls in bongs hold a large number of vapours letting cannabis losing its potency dissolving from the oxygen.

Dab rigs are comparatively smaller than bongs and pipes. However, when you choose a dab rig, you are advised to purchase the smallest size rig. Why? It will let the vapour have sufficient space before being inhaled while not letting the cannabis lose its potency much.


  • Degree of Percolation: Heating a cannabis tincture will produce smoke as a secondary product. Percolators are the components of a dab rig to pass the vapour from cooling in the water filter, giving its users a smoother hit. In ordinary pipes, percolators are not required, but you need to consider percolators in a dab rig as concentrate vapours are harsher than bud vapours. Optimally, you need to go with two to four percolators to offer you a smooth, cool, and less harsh dabbing experience.

  • Mouthpiece Size: When it comes to the size of a mouthpiece, you can expect the best dabbing experience with smaller ones. Dry cannabis flowers smoked with a bong, or a pipe tends to require a larger hit as users must pull the bowl to empty their chambers. On the other hand, the nail on dab rigs in Canada supplies persistent vapour flow, enabling you to relish dabbing in small amounts.

  • Water Filtration Capability: The vapour’s cooling always remains essential to avert mouth, throat, and lung burns while smoking cannabis. It is also where water filters become a need for dabbing. If you are using a dab rig for the first time, you should buy dab rigs having a water filter mechanism to cool off your vapour before inhalation. Unfortunately, the majority of dab rigs do not have such a mechanism.

  • Nail Material: The nail is the main part of a dab rig exposed to heat and flame during the process of dabbing. It is peerless in terms of giving you a great experience with dabbing, but it is also a durable and consistent component of a dab rig. If durability is your concern, choose a dab rig with quartz nails as it outdoes the ability of a glass resisting thermal pressure and flame, but these nails are expensive than glass nails.


Dab rigs in Canada are ideal smoking instruments to smoke cannabis concentrates over joints. Two main components of dab rigs are the main body and nail. You should not ignore the following five things buying a dab rig:

  1. Choosing the smallest size rig will ensure you that cannabis won’t lose its potency.
  2. Percolators can give you a smooth, cool, and less harsh dabbing experience.
  3. A smaller mouthpiece is the best for making the most out of your dab rigs with smoking.
  4. The water-filtration mechanism is vital to consider while you plan to smoke a dab rig to avoid throat burn.
  5. Quartz nails are expensive but the best nails for dab rigs in terms of consistency.

Lastly, if you want to smoke concentrates and have an extraordinary experience and smooth hits, consider purchasing a dab rig in Canada.

Shop Rite (https://www.shopritesmokeshop.ca/) is a smoking shop in Canada where you can buy smoking instruments at affordable rates.

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