Kraft boxes are the most convenient and inexpensive way to pack and present your product in an alluring way that catches the heart of the people. Among various packaging counterparts, kraft boxes are still very popular and high in demand not only because they are ranked among eco-friendly choices but it is also a great way to pack your product or goods in a unique and enchanting way making them a treat to the sore eye.

Nowadays packaging is not only about putting all the items together in a container or a box but it also serves as an approach to presenting your product in an alluring way that catches the customer’s eye and makes them buy the product out of curiosity.

Freedom Of Variations For Kraft Boxes

Custom kraft packaging has raised the packaging standard and people now prefer these handy and recyclable custom printing kraft boxes to pack hundred of goods such as perfumes, cosmetics, food, beverages, and several other products. As the kraft boxes are cheaper than any other packaging counterparts and also offers a wide range of designs and texture.

Custom kraft boxes give you the freedom to get a customized box according to your desired shape and size to build a distinctive image of your product in the market and sets them apart from the other. Initially, the custom Kraft boxes are brown but with the help of high-tech printing methods or current cutting-edges, you can customize Kraft boxes according to your desired color or pattern.

Maximize Brand Revenue With Wholesale Kraft Boxes

Presenting your goods in a fancy and modish way is a diverse publicizing strategy for the promotion of your brand and the product, in this regard kraft packaging ought to be your first decision. These boxes are ideal to pack your product in a more organized and captivative way.

Brands now prefer custom printed kraft boxes with their logos crafted over them via high tech printing machines giving it a personalized look as it is the best pay to pack your product in a dazzling or gleaming way to increase your brand recognition and maximize sales.

Custom Cardboard Packaging is your packaging partner and when you acquire wholesale kraft boxes from us we make sure that all the packages are made of premium quality kraft paper material to ensure ultimate tensile strength for your products or to avoid any breakage to your goods while shipped to wider distances.

Considerations To Make Before You Order Kraft Boxes

Bring into consideration the following factors before you settle for any specific design or shape for your custom kraft boxes such as the dimensions of the products that are meant to be packed, their weight, size, and security as this will help you to get the right custom printed kraft boxes for your product.

By choosing the Custom Cardboard Packaging you will get your hands on the finest kraft boxes with high-quality printing in some vibrant and emerging colors. Discuss your ideas with our professional and highly efficient team and we will refine your ideas and will provide you with the prime packaging solutions for your precious goods.

We also bring into consideration the nature of the product, how it will be transported, and its destination before we choose to go for any specific material for the packaging of your product.

Variations In Custom Kraft Boxes

Many variations in custom Kraft boxes have been seen over years and now you do not only get those old simple cubical forms of kraft boxes the variations of kraft boxes are stylish and dazzling enough to meet all your packaging needs.

1.Sliding Drawer Style Kraft Boxes

Sliding drawer boxes are the most simple, elegant, and foldable kraft boxes that serve as the most convenient way to store and transport your product over wide distances. The sliding drawer of this kraft box can be made of clear plastic to flaunt the beauty of the encased article. These kraft boxes are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

2.Gift box kraft packaging

Presenting gifts to your loved ones is a great way to manifest your love to them and to show gratitude. How about magnifying the joy of your loved ones by presenting gifts in custom printed gift kraft boxes. They will give you freedom from the mess of wrapping gift boxes. We can also add embellishments such as heart-shaped die-cut, stickers, and paper inserts to make the box look more dazzling. You can get wholesale kraft boxes for occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, weddings to add the personal touch at modest rates.

3.Food Grade Kraft Boxes

Seeking some food-grade kraft boxes for your fast-food chain? Custom Cardboard Packaging offers exclusive kraft boxes with oil-proof and grease-proof lamination inside to avoid creating any fuss. The food-grade kraft boxes are widely used to pack fast food items such as hamburgers, fried chicken, and salad while giving the view of the food from the see-through lid of the box. The biggest advantage of these boxes is that they keep the food safe and keep safe from environmental harm.

Kraft Boxes With Better Graphics And Printing

Kraft boxes are used as a tool for the promotion and marketing of your brand while they offer better printing and grafting capabilities and show compatibility with a wide range of printing options such as screen printing, digital printing, and lithography.  Custom Cardboard Packaging offers a wide range of designs and vibrant color kraft boxes with the brand logo or artwork. With the help of top-notch machines, we can write promotional and product details on the packaging to attract more customers. Using these custom printing kraft boxes you can improve your brand prominence and can easily communicate your messages to your targeted audience.

Personalized And Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft papers are print-friendly so you can experiment with different designs such as printing an attractive slogan or the benefits of your product creatively and adorably to catch the eye of potential customers. While you can also add some enticing pictures of the product to make it stand out from other kraft boxes in the market.

You can go for a variety of shapes such as rectangular kraft boxes, egg-shaped kraft boxes, diamond-shaped kraft boxes, and many more that fit best according to your product. These custom kraft boxes are eco-friendly and their printing costs are less than other packaging materials which makes these boxes a more convenient and budget-friendly option for you.

Get It Done With Custom Cardboard Packaging

Custom Cardboard Packaging is dedicated to providing you the finest kraft boxes for your brand at affordable rates. Our customer care service is available 24/7 for your ease and no matter what kind of custom kraft packaging you choose to go for we make sure that you receive your order within 8 to 10 working days.

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