Kathy Haynes was a fashion designer looking to expand her retail business online. She needed a website that would match her design aesthetics. With that intent, she approached a web developer to develop her website. But after the website was live, she found glitches and issues in it. As it turned out, the website hosting service wasn’t up to the mark.

This story explains the significance of choosing a credible website hosting service provider. In fact, if you search online, you’ll find thousands of websites offering web hosting services. After purchasing a domain name, too, you’ll receive plenty of calls and emails to avail the facility. In the case of selecting a web hosting provider, most business owners are burdened with multiple questions.

So, presented below are some ways you can choose a suitable web hosting service for your business’ website.

Understand the type of hosting you require

There are multiple kinds of web hosting that may vary in control, reliability, technical knowledge, storage capacity, and server speed. Some of these types of web hosting may involve shared, cloud hosting, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated, among others.

  • Shared server hosting

This type of hosting enables you to share storage space with various other websites. Shared hosting is typically useful for small websites or the ones that are still being developed.

  • Cloud hosting

This type enables clients to store their websites on virtual servers. In this case, combined computing resources are utilised, which fosters scalability.

  • Dedicated server hosting

This type lets you have complete control of the server, and your website will be the only one stored on the specific server. This type is ideal for websites with high traffic. It’s also one of the most expensive types of web hosting.

  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

It’s a mix of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This means a physical server is shared, but the virtual server is similar to a dedicated server that hosts your website only.

Check the bandwidth limits

Bandwidth is a specific jargon used to explain the amount of data you send from your server to the browsers of your visitors. Any time someone loads the pages of your website on their computer or smartphone, you’re using up bandwidth. If you have a site that consists of plenty of heavy content, such as large media files, you may use quite a lot of bandwidth.

This is hardly an issue for websites that don’t have a lot of visitors. But if you find your traffic increasing or if there’s an unexpected rise in demand (could be because one of your posts got a lot of shares on social media), you may go beyond your allocation of the bandwidth.

Such incidents lead to two possibilities; you may find that your host service provider prevents your website from being visible for the rest of the month. Or, you may have to pay for the extra bandwidth you have used.

But paying for extra bandwidth or being taken offline shouldn’t be reasonable options. That’s because going beyond your bandwidth limit is an indication that your site is doing well. So, find a web host that provides either unmetered or unlimited bandwidth on smaller (shared) hosting packages. It should also offer bandwidth allocations on bigger (dedicated server) plans which are so high it’s unlikely you will ever surpass them.

Keep the cost in mind

Before you decide on the website host services, it’s necessary that you have a proper budget on your mind. This will help you select a suitable service provider. While opting for a hosting provider, it’s also vital to know the details about the renewal cost because while the signup costs are comparatively reasonable as opposed to the renewal costs. You cannot afford to set up your website from scratch.

So, it’s vital that you check the renewal hosting prices before choosing the appropriate hosting provider. While selecting a hosting service, you can also search for the current offers and choose the hosting at incredibly low prices.

Test customer support

The efficacy and speed of customer support are crucial in case your site is ever compromised. You’d want the situation to be dealt with fast and to prevent further damage than what’s already been done.

That’s why you must choose a hosting service that provides live support to their clients 24×7. Chat support and social media presence should also be a priority. Avoid the ones that offer chat support tickets and emails as they may not revert quickly enough in case you face a problem.

You can test a service provider by contacting their customer care with several questions at different times of the day. Know whether they’re suitable by the time they take to respond and how knowledgeable they are about the issue.

Adequate security features

The hosting service you pick for your website should come with security measures to prevent malicious attacks from keeping your information secure and preventing any loss.

Find a hosting service that provides SSL certificates in case any sensitive data has to be provided. Ensure they have antivirus, firewalls, and malware scanning removal. Backups must also be available to guarantee your website details don’t get lost in case of any technical issues.

Simple control panel

Choose a website hosting provider that presents a user-friendly control panel with multiple options for control to select from. The easy control panel allows you to perform many tasks like managing the hosting, developing the website, upload/download files, create backups. It also helps install scripts and CMS, add a subdomain and add-on domain, manage emails, and several other such tasks.

Hence it’s mandatory that you select a control panel that is simple to use. This ensures that all the services that you need are easily accessible.

Wrapping it up,

If you’ve read the post this far, you should have a clear picture of what you need to find when selecting a web host service. Keep the considerations discussed above in mind as you pick a web host service provider before developing your website.

Author Bio: Jacob Ryan is a web developer for a reputed corporate firm in Australia. Jacob has acquired his MS degree in Computer Engineering from Federation University. He holds a detailed knowledge of website and app development. He’s also a member of MyAssignmenthelp.com and earned a great reputation among students with computer network assignment help.

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