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Affordable European Destination to Study Abroad for Asian Students in 2021

Going abroad to study and getting a degree is an accomplishment in a student’s life and most of us had always dreamt of studying abroad. Studying abroad brings an adventure and an experience of living along and meeting new people. If we look at the perks of studying abroad we’d know how effective it is for individuals and their personalities but studying abroad is not affordable.

Sure, studying abroad has its advantages and students would do anything to study abroad but not everyone can afford to do so and many students compromise on their dreams just because they can’t afford to study abroad. If you are a student who is on the verge of making a decision not to go abroad then you should take a look at our list of affordable European destinations to study. Europe is a beautiful destination and every year thousands of students travel to Europe to get an education, you can be one of them.

Here is a list made by Dissertation Writers In Dubai, on the most affordable destinations in Europe you can go to study.

1. Germany
Germany is turning into the favorite destination of most Asian students because of their access to free education. Government universities in Germany do not care if you are not their citizen and just an international student; they welcome everyone with open arms and provide free undergraduate and graduate programs. Public universities cost absolutely nothing to provide students with world-class education. You would only have to manage the cost of living which is around 800 EUR/month, and it is very low as compared to other countries.

2. Spain
Spain is another among the most affordable destinations in Europe. Asian students should take advantage of their low-cost tuition fees which are 700 to 2500 EUR/year for bachelor’s programs and around 1000 to 3500 EUR/year for master’s programs. There is a large variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs for students to choose from. Living in Spain is also cheap but if you want to stay in cities like Madrid and Barcelona you would have to increase your budget a little, other than that you can find everything at affordable prices.

3. Italy
If you choose Italy as your destination then it will be a cultural experience for you as you would get to study in some of the oldest universities in not only Europe but in the world. In Italy, your tuition fee depends upon the program you choose. You can study in the fee range of 0-500 EUR/year. Overall living costs in Italy are not that high, you would have to manage 700 to 1000 EUR/month to spend a good life. Again, like Spain, if you decide to live in cities like Rome and Milan, your cost of living would increase.

4. Greece
Greece is another great option for Asian students. Greece is connected to ancient history and you would be able to experience it yourself. If you are someone who would want to travel and have fun while studying, then Greece is the place for you.
The cost of studying in Greece is about 1500 EUR/ year and the cost of living is better than you could anticipate, it is 500-700 EUR/month which is a steal. Greece has a number of English-taught degrees for students who are not familiar with Greek.

5. Poland
Poland is a place for students who want to enjoy a high quality of life at lower and affordable rates. Every year thousands of international students leave their countries and come to Poland for their studies and enjoyable life.
The cost of education in Poland is around 2000 to 3000 EUR/year and it depends upon the program you choose. The cost of living in Europe is even better and it is around 400-700 EUR/month. If you find accommodation in a dorm setting then the cost drops to less than 100 EUR/month.


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