Your father is the financial and emotional supporter of your family. He will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe and secure at all uncertain times. He is the one who keeps the family intact and provides for all their day-to-day needs. He might not show his love towards anyone, but that tough shell is a soft heart deep down. Our fathers work hard every day to make our day-to-day lives an easy and comfortable ones. He never lets us suffer and will go through all stress and difficulties himself and never even let us know. 

If you love your father to the core and his Birthday is just around the corner, then this article is for you. It is not easy to find the perfect birthday gift, and you have to think hard of all the possibilities and zero in on something that brings the recipient happiness, can be put into good use, and doesn’t strain your pocket much. You can send a flower delivery in Bangalore or throw him a party with all his friends and loved ones, but what else? What if you want that birthday gift that speaks volumes about the love that you have for him? Let’s zero in on a few options that you can opt for this year on his Birthday. 

 An Office Bag:

 If your dad has been using the same old office bag for years and doesn’t seem to get rid of it to save a few bucks, then you should probably get one for him this year on his Birthday. You can gift him a bag that is of good leather and looks elegant and sophisticated. Make sure to consider all the essentials that your dad usually carries, as this will denote the capacity of the bag you should opt for. Let your dad know that you have got his back, and no matter what happens, you will always care for him at all times. An office bag can be a good and functional option for your dad’s birthday present. 

A New Suit:

 If your dad doesn’t have a good formal suit in his closet, you need to get one right now. A good fabric suit is a must in every man’s closet. It can be worn in important official meetings, family marriages, and other special occasions. This birthday gift will come in handy to your dad for future use. Moreover, if you gift a suit to him well in advance, he will even wear the same on his Birthday. Buy something that will make him look smart and dashing both at once. A new suit will be a positive investment towards your father’s happiness. 

Plan a Trip:

 If it has been tough for you to catch up with someone one time with your dad, this option is the best you can consider this year on his Birthday. You can plan a trip with your dad or maybe a long drive to a nearby hill station to have a heart-to-heart talk with your dad. You can share all your achievements and insecurities in the past few days and listen to them. You can also engage in some past special memories that you have with each other. 

Take him to a Game:

 Talking about spending some time together, you can also buy tickets to an upcoming game in your city and take your dad with you for the same. This will allow your dad to relax and distress his work stress. A good game can help you guys bond and have a good time with each other in general. 

A Camera:

 If your dad is into photography but has never pursued this hobby, you can gift him a camera this year and fuel this hobby of his. Gifting a camera on his birthday will let him know how well you know him in person and that you genuinely care for what he likes and what he wants.

 Flowers and Birthday Card:

 If you are short on budget, you can always order Birthday flowers and pair them up with a beautiful birthday card to make your dad proud and happy about how much you love him. 

Like our mothers, our fathers do so much for us, and most of the time, we take their love for granted. Never let your father feel disrespected or unloved. There are arguments in every household, but you should never let these arguments cloud all your dad has done for you. This Birthday,  send flowers to Bangalore Online at his workspace to make him feel genuinely happy and loved. This might take a few minutes of yours to arrange this Bouquet, but it will be a memorable moment for him throughout his life. Make efforts for your father’s Birthday, and you will feel happy at heart.  

Handmade Birthday Card:

Birthday cards might not be as costly as the other options in this list, but they are the most heart-touching ones. A handmade birthday card, in particular, might take a lot of effort and time to make, but it is worth it. A handmade greeting card will allow you to express your love in the deepest ways of all on his birthday. In this card, you can attach pictures of your best moments and write beautiful quotes for how he makes you feel.


Nothing is better than a cake. Cakes are the showstopper of every birthday party, and they can make any birthday special. You can send online Birthday flowers with your Dad’s favorite cake to his office to give him a special surprise. This will be an extremely pleasant surprise for him this year. 

Your Dad handles you at your worst times. He has seen all your negatives. You can also send Flowers to Bangalore online to his office on his birthday with some chocolates and give him this pleasant surprise. Shower all your love and affection on your father on his birthday this year and make him feel special.


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