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 “Wherever there are wild animals in the world, there is always an opportunity for caring, compassion, and kindness.” ― Paul Oxton

Today I am writing this blog just to spread awareness or you can say trying to play a little part for the innocent souls and beautifully unique species of this planet called Animals. A lot is going on related to the conservation and protection of animals on the international and national level as well, different welfare societies and experts of this field named as Wildlife Protection and Conservation are trying their best to play an important role. Of course, wildlife is important for various reasons and so their protection is. But in this whole picture some parts and missing or maybe poorly jointed with the picture. Yes, I am talking about street animals. Many people love to have pets like dogs, cats, birds, and many other animals of their interest and they take good care of such animals. They feed them and make them live in all the possibly pampered conditions.

“The way you treat the animals around you will be the nature of the animal within you”  ― Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

While growing up I have seen so many street animals treated badly. As we all humans no matter what financial status we have, we deserve food, clothes, and a place to live; these are also the rights of animals. The pity of us that we don’t even care about our fellow being then how can one expects us to treat animals with good care, with affection or LOVE?…

Many stray dogs and cats are dying on these freezing winter nights because they have nowhere to go and got nothing to eat. They are dying under fast-moving cars or starve to death. We as a society failed at many things and one of them is not showing mercy towards poor animals. We discard or dump the food because we gather more than our needs. These animals deserve to be treated as we treat our pets. If we can’t give them a place to live at least we can offer them some food? We can drive safely to prevent their murders?

“If Animals Spoke, Humanity would Cry.” ― Manoj Rajput

Have you ever looked at the open track and wondered what would your experience to have an exercise walk with your dog in the morning? Maybe you just want to know what waits around the next corner. We can show mercy to them because they are beautiful creatures and being the higher species of the animal kingdom it’s our responsibility to treat them well. We can make our kids understand to take care of the animals to show some love and mercy to them. If you see an injured animal you can take him to the veterinarian. Society can’t change at once it takes time for things to make their space in the hearts and minds of people but we can always start it with ourselves. So today make a promise to yourself that you would drive safely to prevent animals from dying, to make your child understand for not beating street animals, giving leftover or other food to the street animals. Showing mercy costs you nothing but it can change the life of others. Never underestimate a little act of kindness. Instead on one can make you understand better about the value of an animal other than a pet lover. But If are a pet lover or you also have got a pet but not spending time with them, then you really got to re-think your decision.

Morning walk is good therapy for you and your dog to stay active and smart for the whole day. You and your pet could stay healthy by doing a morning walk.

Pets can be the best walk partner you will ever have. I know because I have been doing a morning walk along with my pet. But winter walks have some rare risks and it is most important to be aware of the risks which you and your dog may face when walking in the cold morning.

Less temperature means a high risk of hypothermia especially for smaller dogs, and senior pets. The area surrounded by ice may increase the risk of falls and injuries.

Waste chemicals and littering on the streets and sidewalks can be toxic and may damage even small cuts or sores on your pets’ feet.

Dress for the weather considers a sweater or coat for pets and Boots could help the pet’s to be safe from the ice surface. Boots can help to save your dog’s feet from cuts and sores because of littering on the road and sidewalks.

Daughter of Moloka’i“Marveled at how two souls – two completely different species – could make each other so happy. If you were kind to animals, they repaid that kindness a thousandfold. People disappointed; animals never did.” ― Alan Brennert, 



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