How to Get a Scholarship in an Interview – A Complete Guide

If you are looking for scholarships to help pay your tuition, then one of the best ways to find these is by doing an interview. Interviews can be done with scholarship providers and many other organizations that may offer some sort of financial assistance. Here is a list of tips on how to ace your interview so you can get everything possible out of it!

Programs that offer scholarships

There is a lot of different programs out there that offer scholarships. The calibre of the program will typically vary depending on the amount, but you should be able to find one that will fit your financial status. If you enrol in an expensive school, then you may have a harder time getting funds from certain organizations. For instance, if you are enrolled in a university that is about $15,000/year, then you may want to try for a scholarship from a community college or another institution.

Throughout your search, ask as many people as you can if they know of any programs in which they have heard of before. If you are nervous about asking teachers or parents, then ask other students that are in the same situation as you! They know what they have to do to get funding, and they should be willing to share the information with you.

If you don’t find any help from your peers, then start looking online. Some websites allow people to post their scholarship stories so that others can see them. It is a good idea to check out these sites so that you can see how much they are worth.

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Your grades and your previous experience

This step should be pretty obvious for most people. When applying for scholarships, one of the first things the provider will look at is your past grades. If you do not have any scholarship-worthy marks, then you will have a much harder time getting funding.

The other thing that needs to be taken into account is your experience. If you are applying for a scholarship in an area that you know nothing about, then chances are you will not get the funds. But when it comes to areas that you excel at, such as athletics, then being a leader or captain of activity can help you get a scholarship.

What are your extracurricular activities?

If you have been parts of an extracurricular activity, such as joining the school band or organizing fundraisers for cancer research, then make sure to mention it in the interview! These activities show that you are capable of being a leader and being able to work with others. This is the kind of leadership experience that most scholarship providers are looking for in their candidates so be sure to showcase your skills.

What do you love doing?

When they ask about hobbies, it is best to say what you enjoy doing over saying what is practical. They probably want to know what you like doing not what you are good at. If you tell them that you enjoy playing video games, then it does not give them a hint that you have many leadership skills. But if you say that you love collecting stamps, then it shows your ability to think outside of the box and try new things!

Your experience with volunteer work

Volunteerism is something that most scholarship providers recognize, and it can be a great way to get some funding. If you have done a lot of volunteer work for any organization, then list as many of them as possible on your application! It will show them that when faced with a tough situation, you do not hesitate to give back.

If you don’t have a lot of volunteer work, then do some now! There are many places where you can volunteer in your areas such as seniors homes or animal shelters. Some applications require that you have volunteered for a certain amount of time to be considered for funding so make sure to check out the application before completing it.

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What is your relationship with your parents?

It is always a good idea to put effort into having a supportive home life. If you live with both of your parents, then chances are they will be willing to help you as much as possible. Having extra funds from them can really help out in times where there isn’t enough money to go around for everyone! But if you live without your parents, then it will be a little bit harder to get the funding.

What subject(s) are you interested in?

If you are applying for scholarships related to a particular area of studies, like science or music, then make sure to mention it! Most applicants have many different interests and hobbies so they may not remember that you are interested in this subject.

If you have any questions, then go ahead and ask! Most people will answer anything you ask because it gives them a chance to showcase their skills at helping out others. But if they do not volunteer the information, then make sure to look up the answer somewhere else. You can always call the company or go on their website to get more information about the scholarship.

Do your research!

There are plenty of websites out there, such as, that can give you tips for getting scholarships. It is always a good idea to look up various resources online before applying for any kind of funding because it will be your first step in getting the money!

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get a grant today with these tips on how to get college scholarships.

Asking questions when applying for college scholarships will show the customer service representatives that you are really interested in getting help from them. It will also impress them with your interest and ability to ask smart questions.

During the application process, there are a few different questions that you need to know before making a decision on which program is best for you. Here are a few of them that you can use when submitting an application:


Conclusion paragraph: So, what are you waiting for? If your goal is to find scholarships that will help pay your tuition and other expenses next year, then it’s time to start interviewing! There are many different types of scholarship interviews available so don’t be afraid to get creative. We hope these tips have helped you prepare for the interview- good luck! Now go out there and ace those interviews!


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