How Can Parents Pay for International School Fees in Noida?

Here is a guide about international school fees in Noida for nearby CBSE schools.

Noida is a suburb of the Indian capital city, Delhi. It is also a part of the National Capital Region. It has a population of 2 million and covers an area of 1,578 km2 (607 sq mi).

Noida was planned and developed by the Indian government in 1968 with the intention to house migrants who were employed in Delhi.

With the increase in employment opportunities and with more young parents migrating to Noida, it is imperative that the government provides the best schools for children. Although there are hundreds of schools in Noida, as always parents want the best for their children in terms of international education. Most parents prefer sending their children to international schools because of the quality of education, good infrastructure and facilities, and trained teachers. However, every best thing comes with a price. And this applies even to schools. Most of the international schools are expensive and one thing parents worry about is will they be able to pay for the high school fees in Noida?

Why are School Fees in Noida high?

The quality of education

International school fees in Noida are high due to the education being provided by the school. Education is a valuable asset in today’s world and this is the reason for the high fees.

International schools have to be of a certain standard which requires them to pay for costly building, staff, and equipment. This is why international schools are expensive and can only be afforded by people living in affluent areas.

Parents who can afford the prices, however, often go back to work with peace of mind because they know their children will be getting the best education possible at these schools.

Noida is known to be the best place for education in terms of quality. It caters to students from kindergarten to grade 12 and with extremely limited seats available in schools of this category. This is attributed to the fact that most parents want the very best for their child and they are ready to pay a fortune.

Highly Trained Teachers

Another reason for high school fees is staff retention. The problem of teachers being paid too little leads to teachers being less invested in their work. As a result, they turn over more often than they should. The issue of retention is exacerbated by the fact that there is a shortage of well-trained teachers. Therefore, good schools need to provide frequent training and workshops for teachers to upgrade themselves. Well-trained teachers are an asset not just for schools but also for students’ academic enrichment.

Being highly trained and well-paid teachers are key in order to ensure that the nation’s youth graduate from high school able to meet future challenges. High school fees should be higher because of the high training and skills needed to produce more skilled workers.

Top-Notch Infrastructure

A school may charge high fees for students because they need to provide them with their resources and maintain the school grounds. Schools need to maintain their building, infrastructure, and facilities so that they can provide the best learning experience to children. And for that they need funds.

Why do nearby CBSE Schools and IB Schools have different fee structures?

And lastly, schools that offer International Curriculum such as IB and Cambridge also charge high tuition fees. Most international schools that offer IB and IGCSE have to pay huge sums of money to the bodies to get the accreditations and to be able to freely use the curriculum, syllabus, and the name.

However, the schools than pass on the burden of this investment on the parents through high fees. Interestingly, CBSE Schools nearby to Noida don’t charge the same hefty fees as schools with International curriculums. Hence, Indian parents prefer sending their children to international Schools with CBSE Curriculum so that they are not overburdened.

CBSE Schools and International Curriculum schools are exporters of talent. These schools are also known to provide a good scholastic environment for the child’s overall growth. These schools offer courses from kindergarten to High School.

Still, it is not easy for parents to pay high tuition fees. Now here are few things that parents can do:

  • Approach Education Financing Platforms – As parents, you can partner with education financing platforms such as Financepeer and GrayQuest where you can apply for EMI options. That way, you only need to pay a small sum of fees on a monthly basis rather than pay for the entire term or year at a time.
  • Apply for Scholarships –  If you are struggling to cover tuition fees for your child, then scholarships and grants are your best options. Scholarships and grants are funds that can be used to cover the tuition fee. Scholarships are awarded based on academics while grants are given out with merit-based criteria. If you look at nearby CBSE Schools in Noida as well as International Schools, they all offer various types of scholarships for sports, excellence in academics, need-based, merit-based, etc.
  • Take Help from Family and Friends – When you are in financial turmoil, one of the first things that you can do is to ask for help from your family and friends. They might be able to help you with funding your child’s education till you are not able to do it yourself. You can also consider help from family and friends as a loan and repay them back when you can.


As parents, you should not let the high cost of a school education inhibit your children from getting the best education. That is why you should plan for your child’s education early on. Start saving and invest early in child education plans. And lastly, there are nearby CBSE schools in Noida that offer the option of paying in installments, other schools allow parents to pay in one lump sum, others may have a payment plan that can be set up with the school. You should speak with your child’s school and ask them about their payment plan options.




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