Online prenatal yoga classes is unique in that Jennifer’s vast experience in childbirth enables her to teach much more than just prenatal yoga. This range of experiences has given her and her students, as well as the entire yoga community, a unique experience.

Online Prenatal Yoga Classes – Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance has granted her permission to conduct her online prenatal yoga classes in the United States and Canada due to travel restrictions under COVID-19.

Jennifer, known as one of the most experienced yoga teachers in North America, has teamed up with yoga teacher Sonia Ribas to bring you the best of what she has to offer in her classes.

Depth in Course

This is an in-depth, 100-hour comprehensive training designed to prepare you to teach yoga students safely and securely during the prenatal trimester.

This course is designed to teach you as a yoga teacher how to safely guide your pregnant students through the most important aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.

USA Organization

Developing your general knowledge of teaching prenatal yoga also includes knowing when to recommend that students see a doctor and how to develop yoga lessons that work with pregnancy and health counseling.

Learn to Support Pregnant Yoga

Learn to support your pregnant yoga students and to design yoga classes especially for pregnant yoginis with trained awareness and creativity. Whether you are pregnant or not, you want to continue to practice prenatal yoga by learning to modify and make room for the pregnant body, and gaining the ability to sequence and thematize your own online prenatal yoga classes.

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Learning the basics of prenatal yoga will make you a better yoga teacher overall because it adds a wide variety of poses and modifications to your knowledge base.

With the online prenatal yoga classes teachers before birth, you can expect to spend some time learning and acquiring knowledge in the following areas: yoga, meditation, yoga, and meditation practice.

Participants learn how to adapt yoga poses to the pregnant body and how prenatal yoga classes work. Yoga students who have been studied and trained in traditional yoga learning environments such as this should be able to design and conduct yoga classes for various body types, including women, men, children, pregnant women, and non-pregnant women.

You will have a look at how the class plan is designed for each trimester and made available to you online in the form of an online prenatal yoga classes training course.

Yoga students who have studied or been trained in a traditional yoga learning environment should have been able to design and conduct yoga classes for different body types such as women, men, children, and not-for-profit yoga students.

Pregnancy yoga classes focus on breathing and physical exercise, and the pre-and post-birth yoga class is structured similarly, as are most other yoga classes.

In most cases, prenatal yoga is barely touched, and even serious yoga practitioners may not be familiar with it, either because of a lack of knowledge of the practice or because of the lack of Simply because they are not familiar with the concept of yoga.

For this reason, our online yoga teacher training is a completely self-determined program, so you decide when to start and when to stop. It is designed so that students can adapt the yoga practice based on their individual physical and mental state to increase its effectiveness and therapeutic value, including for pregnant women.

You will come out of this part of the course with a great prenatal yoga class that offers a whole room with different pregnancies. They can offer yoga classes for women of all ages, as well as for men and women at different stages of pregnancy.


YTT students can attend up to 15 Andiappan yoga lessons every 2 hours as part of teacher training and learning. Note: This course does not certify you at the RPYT level, nor does it certify you to lead online prenatal yoga classes.

It is for the training of pregnant students to teach specific online prenatal yoga classes training courses that they have created. YTT students who attend an Andiaspans Yoga course, for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 3 weeks.

Antenatal Care Certificate

Once you have received your Mind Mat certificate, you can register with Yoga Alliance and complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training. After successfully completing this training, you can register as a registered pregnancy yoga teacher if you already have the 200h Yoga Teacher Training and register for the Registered Yoga Teacher Certification.

To meet the requirements of the RPYT designation, you must teach 30 hours of prenatal yoga after completion of training and 30 minutes of yoga per week for 3 weeks.


Yoga Alliance requires 30 additional lessons after completion of this training, but you can receive your final certificate once you have registered as a registered pregnancy yoga teacher.

If you have a Mind Mat certificate or Yoga Alliance online prenatal yoga classes teacher training certificate, you will receive the same 30 hours of online prenatal yoga training and 30 minutes of yoga per week as listed below.



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