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Planter for balcony how to choose. Vacation is the ideal time to clean up your exterior to enjoy a moment of relaxation under the rays of the sun and in the great outdoors. In addition, there are many alternatives to transform your little piece of outdoors into a haven of peace and all this without breaking the bank. But what is the essential element to include in your exterior decoration project to guarantee this soothing and relaxing effect? These are, of course, the plants! Whether you have a botanical soul or you are simply looking for a way to awaken the atmosphere in your home, green companions are your best allies. Inspired by the beauty of the plant world and the multiple benefits that plants provide for us, today, we zoom in on the theme planter for balcony or terrace by showing you the many ways to adapt it, choose it, or even make it yourself. The classic planter is characterized by an elongated shape and suitable for a particular space such as the balcony. Yet, just like most decorative objects, today, it comes in many forms, colors, and varied models to meet different requirements.

Choose a balcony planter according to the characteristics of the space

The classic planter is characterized by an elongated shape and suitable for a particular space such as the balcony. Yet, just like most decorative objects, today, it comes in many forms, colors, and varied models to meet different requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to notice a few key points to find the most suitable model for your land. One of the various critical parts to study when choosing your planters is their location. An essential detail that also largely determines the fixing, the dimensions, and the most suitable shape creative drawing ideas for beginners.

Types of the outdoor flower pot in balcony planter version

In a surge of functionality, contemporary manufacturers are finding ingenious new ways to combine aesthetic appeal with practicality in the design of modern planters. Thus, we can mention a few types which are differentiated mainly by their fixing system:

  •   The clip-on planter – an innovative and space-saving solution, which allows us to play with different colors and models of boxes or flower pots connected by a connector, with an adjustable metal hook that adapts to each type of railing
  •   The hanging planter – most often a rectangular planter which ensures a beautiful flowering above ground; you can hang it on the railing or use it to create a green wall with several plants arranged vertically, sometimes on wooden shelves
  •   The free-standing planter – an elegant model characterized by a wooden or metal structure with feet; practical option to be able to move the plants quickly or to create a particular separation, for example, on a more oversized balcony

Creative idea: making a balcony planter or a planter stand with recycled materials

If you like creative projects and try to DIY a nice decorative object for your platform, there is no DIY alternative to making an original planter. Indeed, most homemade models are very economical because their realization requires only a few elements that we already have. So now you are offered to consider the most popular creative ideas.

DIY rectangular planter with wooden wall

The first creative suggestion comes in a rectangular planter with a wooden wall that can be used as an outdoor privacy screen or to hang other flower pots. Next, the inspirational Dunnlumber Tutorial is a great DIY soul challenge that we can’t wait to share with you below.

The materials needed:

  • Wood planks
  • Hardwood stain
  • Softwood dye
  • Sanding sponge
  • Foam brushes
  • Screw
  • Rigid casters
  • Handles
  • Potting soil


  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver bits
  • Drills
  • Quick square
  • Clamps

The steps to follow:

  1. Cut the wooden planks for the screen and the planter. You will need four pieces of cedar for the planter and vertical supports, a bit of spruce for the bottom of the planter, and 4 pieces for the horizontal slats. The dimensions must be adapted to the available space.
  2. Sand the wood to remove rough edges.
  3. Assemble the planter to make a sort of box. To do this, take the piece that you will use as a base for your planter, then fix the long side to the short side with screws. Once the two short pieces are attached to the long piece, turn the work over to secure the second-longest board.
  4. To give more depth to the planter, it is possible to make a sort of border by repeating the previous step with narrow planks. Pre-drill, then attach the long piece to the shorter amount, tie the second short piece, turn over and tie the second long piece.
  5. Attach the feet of the planter.
  6. Turn the planter over so that it is feet up. Fit the frame (from step 4) around the legs and secure with screws. Usually, the structure should line up perfectly with the base of the planter.
  7. Drill drainage holes on the base of the pan.
  8. Add vertical supports to make the exterior privacy screen. On the backside of the planter, attach a vertical board as support on each side.
  9. Attach casters to vertical supports.
  10. Finally, you can paint the wood or leave it as it is.

Plant pot in a wooden box

It is a straightforward and excellent idea to create a decorative element of rustic spirit for your balcony. It is the transformation of a wooden box into a perfect planter. For this, you will first need the following materials:

  • Wooden box
  • Trash bag, fleece, or felt
  • Chalk painting
  • Clear varnish for chalk paint
  • Staple gun
  • Filling (green waste or bark)


  1. Start by applying a coat of chalk paint to the box. Leave to dry well.
  2. Add a layer of clear varnish. Leave to dry well.
  3. Follow the behind of the crate with a garbage bag. Use a staple piece to ensure it to the box. Remember to make small holes in the bag for drainage.
  4. Fill with green waste or bark.
  5. Attach the potting dirt and farm the herbs/flowers.Also Read: Free Demo PDF Exam

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