Top 7 Sustainability Careers That Make a Difference

To have a career in the field of sustainability is one of the finest choices to go for. An eco-friendly work, which will actually make a difference. There are a lot of sustainability careers options a person can choose from in order to help the environmental changes as well as get handsome pay.

Been wondering what sustainability means? Well, it means maintaining the ecological balance in the environment. This career will not only make you successful but also help you be part of the change in terms of a positive society.

The sustainability of career is the need to time, for how with each passing day, the environmental changes get worse, either it is because of the rapid increase in human births or it is the dust pollution which is to corrupt the eco-system of the world, whichever it is. The need to have skill full of people working to make things better is a priority.

Considering the choices you might have to make for your career is crucial, as this time of the year is undoubtedly the most hectic and important for all those students making their choices about their domains, here are a few of the most demanded and successful career options for you to consider as your immediate future major in sustainability.

Seven Sustainability Careers

Environmental Consultant

Their primary duties consist to assist the private and public sectors like environmental sectors to provide their strategy and insight based on the knowledge. They are also useful to help with the environmental law and regulations, to help the businesses about the environmental calls.

An environmental consultant can earn as much as $67,000/ year while helping the environment stay protected.

Urban Planner

An urban planner is determined to assist the planning criteria of any means of accommodations with the least amount of environmental impact. It also includes the rapid increase in the human population.

They also work with the development programs of different companies keeping the environmental changes in mind. They earn an average of $62,000/year.


An ecologist is a 90% research-based field of work, where the study is based on how human interactions and involvement impact environmental changes. This field of career is vast enough for you to get involved in it.

If you are an ecologist and love to research, make sure to drop your resume at to get it done more professionally by experts, because the competition has begun and there is no point in waiting. Create your own opportunity; for you can earn as much as an average of $72,300/ year by being an ecologist expert.

Energy Manager

Energy managers are responsible for the audit consisting of energy and finance management. They need to ensure the beneficial and efficient use of both resources while looking after the consumption of energy and water controlled by the designing projects.

One thing to be noted here is that even after the average salary amount of $80,000/year, the education never ends, as an energy manager, you need to keep studying for all of the spans of your career.

Air Quality Engineer

An air quality engineer is responsible to look after the air pollution analysis. They are to design a three-dimensional model as well as to implement the sophisticated process control, for a better air environment.

They are mostly focused and in charge of large cities to analyze and implement a better and eco-friendly air pollution system. $74,000 is their average salary per year.

Environmental Scientist

In private and public sectors, environmental scientists work to analyze the problem considering the environmental changes and human health and then create a solution accordingly.

They are responsible to research mysterious illnesses or unexplained happenings in the wildlife, with an average pay of $68,000/year.

Landscape Architect

A landscape architect looks after the natural geography of the land and then implements the design strategy accordingly. They are responsible to build an eco-friendly infrastructure, with a great set of professional skills.

A landscape architect works in both city and rural areas to develop a plan while working on a team of multiple domain engineers as well as members of the community, their work is mostly based in office as compared to the fieldwork, but the visits happen to study the behavior of the land. $63,000/year is their average pay.

An Outlook for the future

In the coming years, the fact that the pollution will increase is undeniable. Your decision today will decide your future tomorrow. The strategies and planning for this field of work will only come in handy if the will to work for a better and pollution-free future will be there. It is now your job to decide the right sustainability careers path for yourself given all the circumstances. With each passing day, the companies are looking to provide a better opportunity in sustainability. Make sure to get it.


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