A test with open-ended questions is a “classic” test. This is a test that most of us know and have answered for the rest of our lives. A test with open-ended questions is a questionnaire that examines a number of topics studied with each question given a few lines to answer. This is the most common method of testing knowledge.

You have more time to prepare the work:

First, you should know that while you have the task of practicing for your exam on CFA test series, you usually also have more time to prepare it. The reason? Not because you get a longer period of time, but because you require a smaller investment in the amount of hours. Even if you are given one month to prepare for work and also to study for CFA exam, it is likely that in order to invest in CFA test series, you will need about six hours a day, while in order to study for an exam you will need more time. The reason? You have to read a lot of materials that you are not sure you will be tested on, while the academic work is based on pre-determined questions that you have to answer solely.

The material is open – you do not have to memorize anything:

If there is one thing that students especially hate is memorizing material. Depending on the faculties and course topics, a spectacular ability to memorize theories, approaches and sometimes even words is required – when it comes to language studies. While you are being tested in a three-hour test in class, you must inject huge amounts of substances into your head that you must pull out at the moment of truth in the test. With the CFA test series? You attempt the similar CFA test as in the real exam – from lesson summaries to specific articles that the lecturers have referred you to. When the material is open, the work process or exam if you will, is much easier.

Why should you test your knowledge on CFA test series?

  • You will find out the level of your knowledge.
  • Compare your knowledge with other CFA test series users.
  • You can show off your results on social networks.
  • You will increase your chances in tenders, because startups will have access to your results.

How much does it cost?

You can pass as many free Practice questions for CFA exams as you want (or as much as your knowledge will suffice). Tests on CFA test series are completely free once you enroll for them. You will get the results immediately after completing the test, also free of charge.

Rules of knowledge tests

  • The questions are passed one by one and it is not possible to return.
  • The time to complete the test is 180 minutes. Then the test will be evaluated automatically.
  • Once you begin the test, you have to complete it. You only have one option to pass the test.
  • You can repeat the same test.
  • In CFA tests the questions have one correct answer.

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