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5 Top Brands That Styled James Bond Amazingly

What is it that makes James Bond so iconic? Is it the cool gadgets? Is it the guns? Well, the answer might surprise you! It’s the brands’ clothes and the way he dresses them that makes him so elegant. And with his charming personality, no wonder he always gets the prettiest of girls. Bond is a whole package who looks great whether he is racking up the poker chips in a casino or diving through the razor-sharp blades of the helicopter. He is always dressed to impress and looks extremely stylish even when kicking and punching the bad guys. His entire persona is badass and has an awesome attitude that just makes one wish to be just like him.

Across 25 flicks, different brands have dressed James Bond and made him look suave. These brands have also released those items to the public so that everyone can bring out their inner Bond. So, if you have ever wished to be dressed just like an M16 agent then take a look at the following brands that made 007 the ultimate style icon!

#1. Tom Ford

The style of James Bond has always been defined by his tailoring. Let’s take the example of Sean Connery. He wore suits tailored by Anthony Sinclair in all of his Bond films from ‘Dr. No’ which came out in 1962 to ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ which was released in 1971. Then there is Pierce Brosnan who is known for appearing in his Brioni-tailored suits. But since 2008, Tom Ford has taken the reins of styling the beloved James Bond. This is a good thing too! Why? Well, have you not seen how dashing the current Bond, Daniel Craig looks in his tux? Ford combines slim, premium materials, and form-flattering cuts to create his signature tailoring. Also, Tom Ford has designed many cardigans, jackets, and even sunglasses for Craig.

#2.  Turnbull & Asser

It was the film ‘Dr. No’ in which Sean Connery wore the cocktail cuffed shirt by Turnbull & Asser. And it’s not a surprise that it became a hit item so much so that the brand kept styling bond in its shirts for his next two Bond films. Their tailor knitted tie then appeared in the film, ‘Diamonds Are Forever.’ If you are a fan of the actor or the franchise then you can also have your bespoke shirt created by the tailors of Turnbull & Asser. Plus, their shirts would surely make a great gift for anyone who loves James Bond.

#3. N. Peal

Cashmere has always been the fabric of choice for Mr. Bond. Whether it is Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan, every Bond has had this premium wool made a part of their attire. As Daniel Craig was selected to play the role of the secret agent 007, N. Peal became the brand of choice for the actor. N. Peal designed a cashmere round neck jumper for Craig which he wore in the film, ‘Skyfall.’ The brand also dressed him in the memorable charcoal roll neck for the film, ‘Spectre.’

#4. Omega

If there is one thing that James Bond understands better than anyone else, it is the importance of a good watch. For most of the early films, Rolex was always picked in honor of Ian Fleming who had a liking for the brand. However, since 1995, Omega replaced Rolex as a homage to Bond’s past as a commander in the Royal Navy. So, if you really want to dress like him then having an Omega watch on your wrist is a must. Recently, they launched Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition which you should check out for sure!

#5. Persol

Whether it is a bagpipe flamethrower or a ring camera, James Bond has always surrounded himself with gadgets. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the eyewear brand he chose is known for blending style with technology. Founded in Italy, Persol is a famous eyewear brand that looks super cool no matter where you wear it to. While there are other brands that were selected to be worn by 007 but it made the most appearances in films such as ‘Casino Royale,’ ‘Die Another Day,’ and ‘GoldenEye.’


James Bond is one of the most stylish fictional characters of all time. His slick and suave sense of style has inspired many around the world. So, if you too want to dress like him then consider getting your clothing from the brands mentioned above. Also, while you are it, don’t forget to get a decent pair of khaki pants. Why? Well, they have been in popularity ever since Daniel Craig wore them in ‘Casino Royale.’ So, when will you be letting your inner Bond out?

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