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All you Need to Know About Trendy Skirt Styles

Skirts are in fashion for so long, and people wear them to have a more flattering and fascinating appearance. One of the greatest advantages offered by wearing a skirt is that it covers the entire lower portion of the body and thus results in covering the curves as well as flaws of the body.

Different types of styles can be carried along with the skirt. For instance, one may wear a wrapper skirt, and blouse styles may vary with the choice of the wearer. As there are different types of skirts, in the same way, there are different types of blouses and shirts that can enhance the beauty of the attire.

If the skirt styles are carried properly and follow the physical features of an individual, the wearer can look fantastic. A person can do wonders by wearing a skirt with a perfect style, the right size, high-quality fabric, and most importantly, a trendy design.

Different Types of Skirts:

Skirts are available in a huge variety which enables the wearer to get the perfect one. A person can make skirts her fashion statement by carrying them in the right way. Following are some of the most common types of skirts available in online stores as well as a physical market:

·         A-Line Skirt:

A-line skirt is the most common of all the skirts available. This is because most of the population these days is pear-shaped, and it is designed for all such people. It not only provides the body with the same shape throughout but plays an important role in making one look stylish and slim.

The females with the pear-shaped body do not go for pants or tights as they may enhance their heavy thighs, so skirts go well for them. And particularly the A-line skirts are the best option for pear-shaped bodies.

A-line skirts make it very easy for the wearer to move as it does not require slits at the back or front sides. It is designed in a way so that it flares outward and thus does not cling to the hips. This results in covering the lower portion and thus can be fitted easily along the waistline.

·         Asymmetrical Skirt:

Asymmetrical skirts got fame during the Victorian Era, and since then, these are commonly used by people belonging to different fields of life. These are not only worn by famous celebs and personalities but are also used by many other professionals and people in daily routines.

It is a traditional style from the past and makes one look cool, stylish, and modern.

·         Skater Skirt:

Skater skirts are among the short-length skirts and are thus designed for occasional functions. These are lighter in weight and are informal skirts with a unique shape. These can easily fit along the waist and can thus be used by individuals of different physiques.

·         Circle Skirt:

The circle skirt is an exceptional skirt that is long and fits at the waist easily. It is named a circle skirt because it gets the shape of a circle once worn. The texture of these skirts is selected carefully so that they can look like a circle with flares.

The circle skirts are designed by making use of a fair amount of cloth. These skirts can easily be used in routine and on different occasions as well. These serve as the best dress for any event in an outdoor setting.

·         Bubble Skirt:

The skirt is named a Bubble skirt because the top that is used along with it is kept inside the skirt, and the shirt appears like bubbles. The bubble skirts make use of a band that is turned upward.

The bubble skirt is stitched by making use of a lot of fabric. This skirt uses more fabric as compared to other skirts and may take the cloth for almost two skirts. Sometimes, bubble skirts are a top fashion in the fashion industry, and you can see almost everyone wearing them.

Bubble skirts are knee-long and thus add more volume to the skirt, making a person look voluminous.

·         Wrap Skirt:

It is a single-piece shirt that folds over the body and covers it in an overlapping style. It is attached with the help of different ties and buttons. These can be stitched for different people as different approaches are used to make it size-free.

It gives the wearer a classy and attractive look and is used by people for different occasions. It is also used as a uniform for some of the restaurants and airlines. So, we can say that the wrapper style is among the professional skirt styles.

·         Yoke Skirt:

This is a skirt that is divided into two portions. One is above the yoke while the second one is under the skirt. The upper portion is available in different styles, such as triangular, round, and asymmetrical.

This type of skirt is also called hip hugger as it fits perfectly around the hips. It is used by females in the offices and appears to be a formal dress.

·         Box Pleat Skirt:

As the name indicates, this skirt contains many pleats that provide the wearer with a flattering and voluminous appearance. The pleats result in giving this skirt a lot of flares. The pleats result in producing creases on the surface of the skirt.

The shape and volume of the box pleat skirts resemble that of circle skirts. These skirts use thick fabric as it results in providing the desired shape and volume to it.

After having a look at different styles of skirts, one must clearly understand to pick the one that suits her most. One must not wear a skirt just because it is trendy. This is because sometimes the trendy designs do not suit a person well. Therefore, it is advised to choose the right skirt to look attractive and cool.

Author’s Bio:

Josephine Ellis is a fashion designer and associated with the fashion industry for many years. She recently wrote about wrapper skirt and blouse styles to see customers’ huge potential toward this new trend.


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