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Fashion is an artistic craving of human to look perfect.

To feel perfect and look like the best version of ourselves we try to adopt new and trendy things. We like to see ourselves in the front line in every aspect of our lives either it is about a wedding function or some business dinner etc. And for this purpose people concentrate on fashion trends and keep themselves updated with new and the best-suited approaches of fashion.

Fashion is not a simple word, it includes a vast variety of things. It is such a diverse word that it can include the almost whole living approach of a human being. All needs and all requirements of a specific lifestyle can be defined under this single word fashion.

Let’s talk about the approach of this single word as it includes variety and standard of:

  • Clothing
  • Lifestyle
  • Accessories
  • Makeup
  • Body Proportions
  • Hairstyles
  • Footwear
  • Lifestyle
  • Films
  • Television
  • Music
  • Songs

Have you ever heard about a Fashion Band of Music?

  • The Fashion, a Danish indie band.
  • The Fashion (album), a 2007 album by the band.
  • Fashion (band), a UK new wave band.

Every time span and every era always has some specific clothing styles, shoe and makeup trends, bags and other accessories. These trends go on changing with time.

Fashion is a historical representation of human thoughts which are emerging with time and leading him towards best versions of artistic thoughts. 

If we look at the history of fashion, it has been started from ancient times and with the passage of time in middle ages fashion got a more refined look. And now in this present age, it has become a miraculous thing, overwhelming in all the countries of this trendy world. 

Fashion is not only about our clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, but fashion is also about thinking level and mindset of people. It is about their priorities and urges in life. It is about their dreams they want to chase as people love to be dressed like their utmost desires and dream personalities.

Let’s talk about the aims & objectives of fashion to get some more clarification of this humanoid thing.

  • It explores the thinking of the wearer.
  • It reflects the values and beliefs of different cultures.
  • Fashion trends give a visual of human development.
  • It’s not only about trends but about lifestyles.

It is the best quality to have if you are a person of this type who is always longing to live according to the recent requirements. Innovative and creative-minded people are real trendsetters. 

Fashion has been influenced events of social interactions if we only consider clothing then only clothing have different varieties and trends for different events. These events can be:

  • Political Events

People consider political events like opportunities to build new relations and to show off their wealth. For these purposes, political people also try to adopt updated fashion approaches. For example in early 1960s American first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy was a fashionable icon who led the formal dressing trend. 

  • Technology Events

Technology had a great impact on fashion that it had become an essential part of it. By using it smart fabrics can be created to give comfort to the wearer by changing its texture and colour depending upon environmental requirements. 

  • Social Events

The social and cultural context of an environment can also be revealed by its fashion and clothing standard of the public. In a social context, fashion has fused into every day of life and every event of life. It is not only about a purely aesthetic value but it is a complete artistic approach. It can be used as a medium for the performers to create a specific atmosphere and to express their specific thoughts with the help of drama, film or a music video. 

  • Economic Events

People have changed their mindset from spending now and think latter to a more aware state, where they are really mindful about their money consumptions. An aware mind looks for better, enough, and more durable options. 

  • Everyday Events

People have now become more aware of their everyday impact on their social circle. Either it is an office gathering or it is gathering of a university event or even about simple gatherings of friends. In every gathering, they require an article of different clothing like casual, party wear, descent, official etc.

But there are also some demerits of fashion and the most important one is branding.

Without a branded tag on your dress, shoes, or bags these all things are not worthy to wear. 

This branding trend has ragged people and triggered them to become a branded icon. This show-off mind approach has made human being only a showpiece wearing branded items either they look good or not. People don’t even think if these branded items suit them or not, or these are according to their wearing standard or not. People are just interested to see a tag of the well-known brand on their belongings and it is present then no other objections or thoughts are worthy to consider. If you are interested in selling or buying clothes visit this best online classified website.

According to my thinking, each and everything has some specific beauty in it which is a speciality of that thing. And this speciality can be only identified when we are really willing to see it. Seeing these hidden specialities is quality of creative people who explores things and give their whole time and concentrate on them to extract something new, innovative, peaceful, appealing, and attractive for the audiences and target customers.

So a good explanation of it is that if we want to be original we should be mentally ready to be copied. Because originality leaves a great impact, yes, originality lead towards innovation and setting a new trend and a brand new fashion.

Because fashion is something which comes from within us, from our intuitive thoughts and creative ideas. It is not about labels or brands. A brand will only be worthy until it keeps introducing innovative ideas.

So, there is no need to be in trends and brands, the need of the hour is just to be innovative to maintain the best version of yourself.


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