Gemstone Guide: The Best Purple Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Purple gems are often worn as a sign of royalty or wealth. They also at times, represent spirituality or creativity in many cultures. Each of the purple gems comes with its own unique and strong histories. Almost all the gemstones hold an importance among the spirituals and hobbyists and it is interesting to know their stories. But if you’re looking for the perfect gemstone to add to your jewelry collection, the purple gemstones on this list will be a great place to start since you cannot just resort to purple glass gems in bulk.

From amethyst to purple sapphire, here are the top choices that you should consider.

Purple Sapphire

This beautiful gemstone comes in three hues – pink, blue, and purple. These are as rare as the diamonds and have been historically used for royal decorations. They are also quite expensive owing to their rareness but can be used as a substitute to more common color stones like rubies or emeralds. Purple Sapphire has a sparkling play of colors that can be used as an engagement ring or wedding band. However, the color may face a change when exposed to excessive heat and light.


This purple gemstone is not only spectacular by its color but also in its history. The amethysts are thought to have been a prized stone in ancient Greece. This gemstone is a brilliant purple gemstone bead with vitreous luster and equally brilliant metaphysical properties. It represents calmness and positivity. It uplifts the spirits of the wearer and radiates positive energy and confidence. Additionally, it can ward off dark and negative energies.

Purple Tourmaline

The deep purple color of the tourmaline is as desirable as it is unique. It has its own history and the artisans of ancient time used tourmalines extensively in jewelry and this has been carried on to this day. This gemstone also represents royalty, wealth, power and courage. Tourmaline has many unique healing properties in itself, which are carried in the purple beads also. It is believed that the purple tourmalines aid in curing depression, anxiety and insomnia. It also protects against electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and other such devices.


This gemstone benefits the mind and spirit. It is a dark purple that shines an iridescence effect with light or even the slightest movement. This type of gemstone has a spiritual significance as it represents both wisdom and devotion. Its unique shine is also quite stunning in jewelry making it perfect for any type of jewelry to make it look striking. Its purple gemstone beads also uplift the wearer’s mood and are believed that specifically, it can help one sleep well. Additionally, the gemstone can symbolize love and romance in many cultures. The purple hue of this gemstone is also very vibrant and beautiful.

Purple Chalcedony

One of the most common purple gemstones on earth, this gemstone is a type of microcrystalline quartz. This translucent gemstone largely varies in hue and luster, but they are generally a beautiful species of quartz. One of the prime qualities of purple chalcedony is that it is a grounding stone. It reminds the wearer that they are part of the earth and helps to ground them. It also can help in relieving fatigue and is known as a great bloodstone. Additionally, it can assist in the resolution of grief and depression.

Purple Spinel

Spinel is a multicolored gemstone that comes in a variety of blue-green and purple colors. This gemstone is believed to help those who are searching for their inner selves, as well as those who are searching for brilliance and joy. It can bring out the positive traits in you and can make you feel more lively and happy. It also helps one find inner awareness. It looks great in bracelets and rings and is often mistaken for purple glass gems in bulk. It also aids in achieving one’s goals and brings a positive change into your life.

Purple Gems In Jewelry

Purple is a brilliantly prominent color and suits almost all skin tones and jewelry items. These make even great gems for home décor and antiquities. But there are some aspects to consider before buying a purple stone.

Color And Luster

The purple gems can be seen in almost all types of shades and lusters. The purple sapphires and amethyst have a deeper color with vitreous sheen. Whereas, the purple jasper and purple jade can be seen having a waxy luster. Also, these are available in considerably lighter shades of purple. So, the choice of purple gemstone you want to have would be affected by the color and luster of the type of gem.

Cost Of Gem

There are several types of purple gemstone beads available but all these have separate histories and prominence. For example, the purple sapphire is quite rare and so, it is highly priced in the market. Amethyst, on the other hand, is found at lower prices because of its common availability and easier extraction. So, before buying such purple gemstones, one must consider the budget and choose the one they are able to afford.


Purple is not the color that is easily available in many gemstones. Even if some gemstones have purple variants, they are considerably rare. So, it makes them not easily available or approachable. But online gemstone stores like Dream of Stone can be of help. These stores keep a decent stock and variety of gemstones so that you are able to get the gemstone of your choice easily.


Because of the rarity of these gemstones, there may be instances when purple glass gems in bulk are sold in the name of gemstone beads to the less informed  buyers. So, it is best to buy from a trusted buyer and to have a decent amount of knowledge about the identification and properties of the gemstones one wants to have.

It is best to rest the purchase with a reliable seller who can advise on the purple gemstone to go for and also provide authentic beads. So, you can consider Dream of Stones for the same. Purple gemstones are a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.


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