How to make DIY earrings Step by Step – earrings out of plastic

How to make DIY earrings Step by Step. If you want to spend some fun doing something productive, we offer you a series of ideas on making a DIY earring. Our ideas will help you create owl earrings with simple and easy-to-find materials. Here we will show you some original solutions, but we are sure that you will invent your variations of clever earrings.

We start right away with an original technique for making earrings in plastic bottles. If you want to learn how to recycle plastic bottles, see our article on recycling plastic bottles.

How to make your earrings out of plastic bottles?

What you will need:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pliers
  • An old chain
  • Markers like those
  • Artistic thread
  • A candle and matches
  1. Take the bottle and cut three small logs of different sizes for each DIY earring
  2. Holding the small pieces above the burning candle, and with the tongs not to burn your fingers, heat until they get the desired shape.
  3. Wash them to remove soot
  4. Use permanent markers to color them however you want
  5. Pierce the pieces of plastic. Make small holes on each piece using a nail and hammer
  6. The final step is to hang the wire and logs on the chain. Cut a centimeter of the chain, then take the thread and hook it to the last loop of the chain. Twist the yarn around itself to create a small lace. All that remains is to hang the plastic strips on the chosen eyelets.

To make pretty sliced ​​quilling earrings, you must have:

  • Colorful quilling paper strips as shown
  • Scissors
  • Hooks for earrings
  • Glue
  • A quilling needle

As you see from the following videos, you can create different figures using this easy technique, and the result will always be interesting in cool drawings.

How to make the earrings out of paperclips and cotton thread?

How to make DIY earrings Step by Step

You will need:

  • Two paper clips
  • A cotton thread in color you like
  • A hook
  1. Open the paperclip by creating a triangle, as shown in the diagram. You deploy the paperclip in its three curves
  2. You must join the ends of the triangle using glue that dries quickly
  3. Wind the wire around the paper clip using the glue to stabilize the structure
  4. Take another thread and wind it horizontally to create the intertwined stripes
  5. Adjust the earring hooks, and voila, your super modern, light, and original earrings are ready

How to create your pearl knot earrings?

What you will need:

  • Pearls – you can buy them in a store or order them online
  • Fishing line
  • Two hooks to attach the earrings to the ears. If you have a metal allergy, be careful and take hypoallergenic hooks
  • A jewelry chain
  • Scissors or pliers
  1. Cut 3 pieces of the fishing line with a length of 30 cm.
  2. Tie a tiny twist at the point of each thread
  3. Start making the beaded strings by securing each bead with a knot
  4. Once you have obtained the ropes, make the stitch as you see in the photo or make another
  5. Secure the ends of the rope and put the chain and hook
  6. Do the same for the other earring

And don’t forget that you can always invent your models of DIY earrings and make them with the materials that are sold in stores for handcraft jewelry – metal threads – copper, gold or silver, chains, hooks, rhinestones and pearls – pearly, glass, crystal or other small pearls that will help you make pretty earrings that cost next to nothing.

The threads can be twisted in multiple ways to achieve a single result – geometric figures, circles, symmetrical or unsymmetrical bends. You can do whatever you want with both hands and a little imagination. Pearls aren’t even mandatory. If you like more refined designs or go for a teenage-style, a pretty mesh made with metallic thread will satisfy you.

What you will need for your tassel earrings:

  • 25 meters of elastic thread
  • 2 watermarks
  • 2 small lids
  • 2 needles
  • 2 hooks for earrings
  • Glue
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

Elastic thread is a very fine material that is ideal for making pom poms.

  1. Cut two pieces 7.5 cm long and leave them apart
  2. Cut the other threads with a length of 25-30 cm
  3. Divide the bundles in half, each of which should be made up of about 20 separate wires
  4. Fold each of the bundles in half and tie them in the middle with the 7.5 cm pieces
  5. Pass the needle through the yoke and apply a little glue to the hollow
  6. Take the tied bundle and put the knot in the cover with the glue. Hold for a few minutes to make sure it is properly stuck. Put the watermark on the other end of the needle
  7. Take the pliers and bend the needle 90 degrees to the left. Then fold it to the right to receive a small lace
  8. Wrap the needle around the lace and cut the rest
  9. Pass the hook through the lace and cut the pompom where you want to receive the desired length
  10. Do the same with the other bundle, and you will have a pair of pretty and original earrings

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Tips To Arts And Crafts Projects

Thinking out how to improve at characters and works isn’t a cycle at any limit result. It is your obsession on the off chance that you appreciate this diversion, and there is continually something to learn. To begin with, the remainder of this article so you can discover what you can take to the specialty table straightaway.

Look at the class plan at your neighborhood make a store. Many art stores offer week after week classes on various expressions and specialties projects with an end goal to rustle up business and be a piece of the local area. They ought to have a month-to-month picture order for you to take a goose at, or you can order each week.

Making is fun with kids. Permit the children to utilize their inventiveness and minds. For example, who is to say they can’t stick an eye where a nose ought to be? It is a chance to leave them alone inventive without impedance.

Explore paths to impart your making expertise to other forms. Teaching your kids how to go along with you in doing art is an extraordinary method to pass down your exceptional ability. It’s anything but an incredible method to invest energy with your family and gain experiences that will endure forever.

To hold your artwork change back from seizing power over a whole room, think about getting a folding easel. That way, when you finish chipping away at your show-stopper for the afternoon, the easel goes directly into the storeroom, alongside your material. That gives your flat available for the rest of the day.

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