A man’s wedding band is a piece of jewellery that symbolizes his love and promise for a lifetime of faithful love and commitment. No man’s ring should be overlooked in the excitement of choosing a ring as this is an important and treasured piece of jewellery that holds a man’s heart. Many men today have considered purchasing a gold or platinum men’s ring for their wedding but have never considered it a wonderful alternative to the Antler Rings.

These rings are made from the shed antlers of deer. These antlers are harvested in the National Forest in the United States each year. Once gathered, the buck’s antlers are then inspected by experts who carefully inspect the interior of the antlers. When the inside of the antlers are examined the top layer is removed. The outer bark is then cut off so that the wood can be separated into three layers.

Each of these layers is hand-shaped and carved into a unique Damascus Wood Ring. The unique ring designs are hand-painted with special acrylic paint, which when cured creates an oil-like shine on the stone which lasts for years. The rings are then given various finishes such as oils, gold-tone, polished brass, or silver tones. These rings are truly a work of art that will last a lifetime.

antler rings

A man’s ring may come in one of two different styles, a full ring or a half ring. A full ring has the entire antler exposed which can sometimes times become uneven or damaged. The half-ring only covers the top of the antlers. Many of the antique dealers carry these rings. Another great place to find Antler Rings is the internet where you will be sure to find the perfect Antler ring for your special man.

These rings are very popular because they have many benefits over other types of rings. One benefit is that because of the unique way the antler is created and shaped, these rings can easily be customized for a man’s unique needs. You can have your name or any special message engraved on the ring. You can have your initials engraved on the back of the ring. These antler rings can also come with a certificate of authenticity for the wearer.

The beauty of this type of ring is that the man’s antlers can be kept for years. Many dealers will allow you to keep your special ring for a certain amount of time after you have paid for it. This allows the antlers to grow with the ring providing you with a constant source of the meat you want to use for your recipes. A man’s special ring will never become out of style.

These rings are very beautiful with either an antique or modern setting. They can be found in both gold and silver, which make them available to a wide variety of people. Many times a ring sold in the store will be one that was made specifically for the man who is wearing it. Antique settings will also cost more than a modern ring because they are made from more precious material.

There are many uses for these unique rings. Grilling a lean steak on an outdoor fire with your favourite sauce can be made less messy when you use the ring as a cutlery holder. You can also use the wood as an additional handle to a frying pan. If you have a burr griddle grill, using the wood as a handle will allow you to cook without having to use tongs or a stick. Using antler wood as part of your kitchen will provide you with an enjoyable and useful piece of furniture for many years to come.

A Great Way To Spruce Up Your wardrobe

Antler Rings for Men is a perfect, unique wedding band for the outdoorsmen. Men’s antler rings made just for men create the perfect rugged wedding bands. These plain, yet stunning antler rings are fashioned for the outdoor man. Men love antler jewelry for its rugged, earthy look, yet it also can be worn daily. It is great for wearing during the winter months when you want to look rugged and outdoorsy without looking like you went hunting in the woods!

Antler Rings for men is crafted with 100% pure antler material. The rings are cut, then welded to create the unique look of the antler material. The ring designs come in many different shapes including square, round, oval, heart-shaped, square-cut, and rectangle. Some are made with two separate stones which make for an exquisite handcrafted ring. The ring face is also crafted from pure antler material.

Since antler jewelry is handmade, ring orders are made as you receive them. Therefore, if you place your order online, you should receive the ring(s) within five days of your shipping time. The gemstone may not appear as bright as it once did due to the processing time, but it will be there! If you wish, you can remove the gemstone before it is placed on the ring to avoid any peeling.

Most antler rings are made with two antlers and some are one piece with only the antler side remaining. The larger, more substantial one-piece antlers are used for larger, harder antlers, and the smaller, softer, more pliable two-piece antlers are used for smaller accents. Some sellers also use synthetic antlers which look almost identical to moose antlers.

If you are planning to sell your antler jewelry, you will need to have it professionally mounted using a special mount designed for antler jewelry. The mounting process is very simple. You only need a strong yet flexible cable with a small top strap and strong clamps to hold the antler in place. Using a micro-mesh garment will allow you to see the antler edges clearly. You can choose a micro-mesh that closely matches your belt buckle or perhaps some other type of wood grain.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of purchasing antler rings. Now, you can shop at any time of the day for antler rings, antler jewelry, antler footwear, and antler cutthroat cookware. It is also possible to place an order for custom antler rings. Although it may cost more, shopping online will save you both time and money. You will not have to travel to different stores to find the perfect piece of clothing or antler ring.

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